On Friday, June 26, marked the international day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking and international day in support of victims of torture. This day is born a musician Vyacheslav Petkun, and died politician Yevgeny Primakov.

Yesterday, June 25, I wrote “the Rambler”, was the Day of the seafarer and the world vitiligo day.

In the folk calendar of the Slavs on June 26 (old style) – Akulina. On Akulina was made to cook the porridge left over from the previous crop of buckwheat for the poor and pilgrims.

June 26 Peter and I arrived in Vienna with the Grand Embassy (1698 year), premiere of Charlie Chaplin’s “the gold rush” (1925), the Soviet Union established the title of Generalissimo of the Soviet Union (1945), in Obninsk, launched the USSR’s first atomic power plant (1954), Mohammed Ali announced his retirement (1979), the U.S. Supreme court ordered all States to issue marriage certificates to same-sex couples (2015).

26 Jun born ballerina Agrippina Vaganova (1879), the Communist party leader Gennady Zyuganov (1944), businessman Mikhail Khodorkovsky (1963), musician Vyacheslav Petkun (1969), American actress and singer Ariana Grande (1993).

26 Jun died the Roman Emperor Julian the Apostate (363 year), French poet, author of the “Marseillaise” Claude Rouget de Lille (1836), politician Yevgeny Primakov (2015), poet Andrey Dementyev (2018).