Spot turquoise lake Umbozero in the Murmansk region began to acquire natural color. It gradually brightens.

the Color of water in lake Umbozero approaches to natural color — this was stated by a source in emergency services of the region to journalists of RIA Novosti.

He said that for last days the water from the source of the river Umba several times checked for contaminants. The analysis also were taken immediately before the supply of water to consumers in the area of water intake.

Rosprirodnadzor has informed that in the samples not exceeding the maximum permissible concentrations of pollutants. Water samples began to select from 16 June, on the water systems of the Kirov branch of JSC “Apatit” and JSC “North-Western Phosphorous Company” was taken 14 samples upstream of the river Vuonnemite took five samples from nearby water bodies — 13, three samples near the bridge over the river Vuonnemite. The total number of samples was 35.

The alleged source of pollution is abandoned mine JSC “Lovozero mining and processing plant”. The company was declared bankrupt.

Spot with an area of over 250 square meters was formed on the surface of the lake last week. Water is dull-turquoise came to the lake by streams from the West. When the experts took the first test in the waters of the river Vuonnemite, it was found that the concentration of aluminum exceeded 67 times, and iron — three times. wrote that after the discovery of the spots on Umbozera was checked two companies on the subject of damages and leaks of industrial water.

Umbozero — the deepest lake on the Kola Peninsula. In places its depth reaches 115 meters. From the North a fall in the river of wonder and sur, with the East — Kitsa on South from the lake flows river Umba.