Anatoly Torkunov, rector of Moscow state Institute of international relations (University) of the MFA of Russia commented on RT suggested in part amendment rights to the Constitution.

“I very carefully looked at these amendments and, moreover, discussed them with our international lawyers. Of course, the amendments related to the right and a priority of the Russian law, they are primarily associated with the need to avoid distortion of international law in relation to our politics, our country,” he said.

According to him, fully preserved those articles, which state that Russia is a party to many international legal instruments.

“But when we talk about priority, we primarily mean that the international situation is developing in such a way that some of these rules very seriously distorted”, — he added.

According to the Torkunov, Russia should “just protect yourself from this kind of distortion”.

“I am absolutely sure that in respect of a valid, positive and consistent implementation of international law, the country will adhere to the standards of generally accepted”, — he stressed.

Earlier, the Venice Commission of the Council of Europe has considered amendments to the Russian Constitution, which concern the relationship with the ECHR, and recommended to change or completely abandon proposed changes in article 79.

They are talking about the fact that “decisions of inter-state bodies adopted on the basis of international treaties of the Russian Federation in their interpretation, contrary to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, are not subject to execution in the Russian Federation”.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov, commenting on the conclusions of the Venice Commission, stressed that the amendments from the point of view of international law is absolutely legitimate.

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