Switzerland is currently experiencing a demand crisis. We are no longer allowed into the Restaurant, to the hairdresser or to the gym. Cruises to ban anyway, and the clothes and furniture we can buy at most via the Internet, and the public TRANSPORT we use hardly. So that we can save money. However, the savings of the wage and income losses in the other. According to a study by the Avenir Suisse and the compensation payments from the state amounted to 27 billion francs per month. Where will all this money?

Now, the money is not spent it. An average household saving per month 1000 francs, many save even significantly more. You should not get the money so there, where it remains? This solution is particularly useful for services in advance or in the subscription paid for – for example, in the case of fitness centers, or at the day-care centres. Especially where it comes to a lot of money. A child in the kindergarten, costs for 3000 francs per month.

nurseries bankruptcy,

is The current legal situation presents itself as: All day care centers must remain in emergency open. Parents, where this is possible, but are required to take care of their children at home. Nevertheless, you need to pay according to applicable law, the contributions, even if you are allowed to claim for this money is no consideration. Is that fair? Tend not. It is reasonable? Rather, at least then, if the parents have due to Corona is no loss of earnings. You can afford then just working for Free.

For the Kitas, however, it is unacceptable, if you are without the contributions of the parents, but the operation still upright need to get. The not does not have a daycare for longer than a few weeks, even if you can’t apply for the employees in part (in all cantons) short-time work.

a Lot of need in the crisis less money

That the state only wants to step in, hesitantly, it is also understandable. 27 billion – per-month! – are not encouraging prospects. On the other hand, you can print money simply, and the economic damage is real, if thousands of enterprises go Bankrupt and the economy after the Lockdown can not recover.

Therefore, should be clear: Whoever saves in the crisis of money (whether it be by spending less, the children themselves take heed, or to use the services of a cleaning lady waived), to help to bear the loss of Earnings of others. Finally, we want to be able to the crisis in our pub, in our gym, go to the cinema. New laws are not good. The crisis has taught us that you have to talk to each other.

All the help in the day-to-rescue

In the case of day-care centres could look like the compromise, so that parents without the loss of earnings continue to pay in full, those with short-time work pay is proportional to income buses is less, the pension funds, and other property owners to waive 25 percent of the rent and pass the cost on to the retirees. And the state takes the Rest, which is necessary for the day-care centres are also after the crisis is still there.