Nissan Designer, Giovanny Arroba around talking around the hot porridge. Yes, the Ariya Concept is a preview to a future Nissan electric cars. No, but not a typical “Now-spider-we-time-rum”-a Concept Car for, say, 2030. But a reality of the near for the near future. “Yes, we bring it to the market”. No, it’ll go mainly to the Design, the “expressiveness of pure, pure movement”. Apparently, Arroba allowed to say much, but still not the most Important: when will the electric Crossover in series? If you look closely, you will see: It can’t be much longer.

It is also high time for Nissan. Long, the Japanese partner of Renault was in the field of electric mobility in the front – thanks to the Leaf that was designed as the first model of pure electric drive. But since its second Generation, two years ago, it was pulled to a standstill to Nissan’s electric strategy, and some of the competitors in scope and Innovation over. Up to the Tokyo Motorshow last year, when we could look at the Ariya Concept for the first time.

Up to 400 HP and 500 kilometers of range

Technically rolled out in the future, on a par with the competition: The battery for the new electrical platform in the sub-floor is hidden; there are also Front – or all-wheel drive with 210 to 400 HP. Like VW, Nissan relies on a modular battery with 55 or 90 kilowatt-hours of capacity. The major is intended to provide up to 500 kilometers range. And visually?

“It’s still a car,” says Arroba – no crazy design dream, but tying in what we see today on the street can. Why not brave? “We don’t want to polarize, but electric mobility normalize,” says Arroba. However, this is a change in strategy: Because the first Leaf broke up with his frog-eye Design with many ideals of beauty. “We have developed more…”, to Arroba.

timeless Design, futuristic Details

His biggest challenge was the Front as is the case with all Streamers: The conventional radiator grille brauchts not technically, but without the usual appearance is missing. The solution is a smooth shield, behind which the sensors for automated Driving, will hide. From the headlights supersedes daytime running lights help to fill the Void. In the Silhouette of the 4.60 meters long five-seater then again conventional. “But we have a much shorter front Overhang, and the windshield comes in more in the front than in the case of other Crossovern,” explains Arroba. In the rear of a narrow light dominated by the band – “like a horizon,” says Arroba – and instead of the round logo is only the lettering will grace the rear. A few joints, clean lines: The Ariya symbolizing the “purity of the movement”. We say: pretty.

In the interior, dominated for Arroba timeless Japanese futurism. What now? A timeless Design, the emphasis on the Horizontal, the smooth, high-quality acting surfaces is. Futuristic it will stages through the engineering details: A type of computer mouse instead of a lever for driving, and a few mechanical Controller, and many touch sensitive areas as keys in one-piece manufactured wood panel – there are only a Rolls-Royce or Bentley. In the case of the monitors, Arroba, Nissan seems to have a cooperation partner Mercedes model: Two under a glass for instruments and navigation. The competition from Tesla is inspired and is now XXL-monitors. “We wanted to optical Balance and minimal distraction instead of a giant monitor,” says Arroba. Nevertheless, you could Go to the Autonomous view easily movies.

ready for production instead of just spun

Ever had Arroba both modes in the Design in view: to focus on the road with less distraction for drivers. And at the same time, the interior offers more freedom of movement, if you leave the control of artificial intelligence. The air conditioning could, for the first time Hiking under the hood; therefore, freedom was more leg on the center console to save. Between the front seats is a “coffee table”, says Arroba; in addition, the panel was slimmer and narrower than usual.

A mere design Studio of the Ariya Concept is definitely not. Instead of a harsh spaceship stalls, bizarre steering wheel shapes, and button-free Cockpit, as with most Concept Cars, this interior is simply – ready for series production; and inscription of the keys in the typical Nissan-font. In addition, The Ariya has normal door handles – the way is due to the spectacular appearance, otherwise, in the case of Concept Cars. And he’s wearing ordinary exterior mirror instead of trendy cameras. Why? First Arroba out to talk that they wanted to show technology that was not yet approved anywhere in the world. But, he then: “they are also getting used to, because the consideration is completely different than Mirrors used to.”

when is the production version of the Ariya now on the market? “In the near future,” remains Arroba vague. We tap: If Corona makes a dash through the schedule at the beginning of 2021.