Plastic surgeon Seymour Aliyev has published on his page in Instagram video operating known Russian TV presenter Masha Malinovskaya.

the Celebrity has made in the clinic upper blepharoplasty (surgery to change the shape of the eyelids, eye shape) and endoscopic forehead lift and eyebrow.

the video shows how the doctor first tells the Director how she will remove the excess skin on the head and face, then shows footage from the operating room.

Plastic surgeon explained that the cuts on the head 39-year-old Malinovskaya two weeks will place mini-screws.

nearly three-minute video, the presenter shared the details of why she decided on the operation.

Publish from Aliyev Seymour Etibarom (@drseymuraliev) 17 May, 2020 at 3:35 PDT

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