Twelve-year-old Mikelle Abramova, the daughter of a popular Russian singer Alsu, and German singer and composer Lou Bega made a video about what they do in quarantine, which is just a few hours has become popular in social networks.

Fans, no doubt, surprised this star Duo, as the artists not only live in different countries, but they differ greatly in age. It turned out that the story of the creation of the video is pretty simple. Lou Bega, who is an old friend of the family Abramovs saw a clip Mickelly “Not yours”, released recently by Sony Music, and offered her to shoot a joint video for his most famous hit, “Mambo No. 5”. The actual idea was born very quickly – the artists decided to show than many people do in isolation, what preferences and habits add joy to every day quarantined and than able to spoil.

to Implement it with current technical capabilities was not difficult and took a lot of time. Lou Bega, being in his house in Belgium, recorded the vocals directly through audio and video clips shot with the phone. So did Mikella without leaving Moscow apartment. In this rousing video everyone can learn, because the love of pizza, sofa and dances brings together not only artists from different countries, but also their fans around the world.

Recall, Mikella since childhood is fond of music, singing and dancing. Solo girl start recently, but very well remembered by the audience.