After the training process, a form of passing the state examinations and defense of theses and the time of the selection Committee, coronavirus made it to this side of University life as the conduct of military duties. On the eve of the Moscow state University. Lomonosov decided not to risk the health of children and transfer fees for a safer time in the future.

Military manners cool. But because pandemic or a pandemic, and duties in the Armed forces by and large has not been canceled. But should we call in military units students before having been in isolation for almost the entire second semester?

At MSU to this question gave a negative answer. And made the decision to postpone the military training of their students at a later date — so, when without any risk this will make the epidemiological situation.

– Period of military training in the year 2020 due to the current epidemiological situation will be postponed to a later period, – have informed “MK” in the press service of the University. – New time charges at the moment are agreed and will be approved by the Ministry of defence. Information about all changes promptly reported to the heads of departments and MSU students.

thus the MSU was summed unfolded recently in the University discussion about whether or not to risk the health of students, sending them in the current, frankly, unfavourable conditions for military training, by definition precluding the possibility of self-isolation, or at least keeping safe social distance. At the same time, by doing so, MSU became the first sign among all Russian universities.

So, in the Russian University of transport while military training are on the agenda in the same terms: “Training camp is planned within the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation the periods from July 29 to August 27, 2020 – said the “MK” rector RUTH Alexander Klimov. More than three hundred students have expressed a desire to enroll in our Military training center from 2020 to 2022. Competitive selection consists of preliminary and primary selection.”

Military training center, said the rector RUTH “conducts training in military specialties, related civilian occupations for which students are trained in the framework of the development of educational programs of higher education bachelor’s or specialist program. Students after graduation will be assigned a rank in accordance with the developed program of military training, enrollment in the reserve of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Military training center of the Russian University of transport opened in 2018, at the present time, it trained over two hundred students.”

In the MSTU. Bauman “MK” also reported that “ofofficial information about the transfer fees at University at the moment. The final word in this matter in any case, it is not an University and the Ministry of defence, since such decisions are always agreed with certain military units”.

similarly the case in other universities.

the Opinion of co-Chairman of the trade Union “University solidarity” Andronicus Arutyunov:

– Carrying out military training in the current environment, we also believe it is a mistake. If we talk about the medical side of things, you guys may themselves and are not sick in training camp, but can spread out infection. Yes, and in all other respects it is not up to the Commissar: it is urgent to fill the gaps, formed during the “remote” of the semester.

HELP “MK”. the Total number of Russian universities have military departments (military training centres at universities) and, therefore, military training, now relatively small: the country is a little more than a hundred, including in Moscow — 25. Primarily, this list includes classical universities and technical colleges.