Regional developers increasing their portfolios in the Moscow market. Thus, Ural UDevelopment can develop the site engineering Design Bureau at metro Volgogradsky Prospekt, which had planned to master the “Mospromstroy” Mikhail Gutseriev. Although the site is located close to the center, complexity can create high competition.That Yekaterinburg UDevelopment can develop the site on Sosinsky street in Moscow, it became known from the data register. In July, the owner of 60% of LLC “Specialized construction company “Sosinsky, 43″” was the company “Panoraminis” Alexander Anisimov. Its structure is also listed among the founders and in other projects UDevelopment. Another 40% of the company controlled by the owner of the site — engineering Design Bureau. In UDevelopment information about the new project, neither confirm nor deny did not.His first project in Moscow, the developer acquired in 2018 (see “Kommersant” on August 17, 2018). The company announced the construction of a residential complex with an area of over 10 thousand sq m on Khavskaya street, 24, near the metro station “Shabolovskaya.” In April 2019 on purchase of all areas in the complex said the management of closed-end investment funds company “Veles trust”. The company specified that before putting the project into operation and to sell apartments in it only for legal entities to circumvent the law on share building.On the website UDevelopment its total portfolio is estimated at more than 350 thousand square meters of real estate in Ekaterinburg, in particular, it includes “one of the first high-rise residential complexes, business-class Antares” and the complex of villas “Favorites” on the promenade in the centre of the city. Alexander Anisimov is not only real estate development business. According to the register, he owns Yekaterinburg a system integrator Unit, and the Ural mass-media wrote that he also owns a franchise of fast food chain Subway in the city.Information about the facility in 2016 was on the website of the company. In 2014, the planning Commission approved the sale on a plot of approximately 1 ha 25 thousand square meters of real estate, including Parking and a kindergarten. Partner of Colliers International Vladimir Sergunin estimates the volume of investment in construction is 1.5 billion rubles., and the possible revenue for the developer, at 3.2–3.5 billion rubles. In “Samare” declined to comment. According to one of interlocutors of “Kommersant” in the real estate market, Mospromstroy agreed with the owner of the site on the General contract, from the sale of land was not. Other source “” adds that “Mospromstroy” in the last two or three years trying to optimize assets and have already sold about 10 of his 30 plots. Mostly former industrial area that do not promise high profitability, he says. The exit part of its assets and consider other structures of mister Gutseriev, have��ocnet the source “b”, for example, he negotiated the sale of the business center of class B “Vympel” in the North of Moscow.In the fall of 2019, Forbes estimated the total debt of the companies associated with Mikhail Gutseriev, 1 trillion In “Samare” is denied.Director of consulting and Analytics Knight Frank Olga Shirokov considers that, although the project Sosinsky on the street and will be located near the center, complexity can cause high competition in the environment is now being implemented large complex from the MR Group, also planned a large-scale renovation of the district of Kuzminki. But it is possible that UDevelopment will interest buyers at least the concept: the experience of ongoing regional pipeline shows that they are able to offer the market a new unusual solutions, says the consultant.Elizaveta Makarova