“Nornikel” plans to hold the cleanup and reclamation of lands and water bodies after a major Arctic oil spill near Norilsk in four phases until 2023, according to the materials of the company. “Nornikel” has already spent for liquidation of consequences 6 billion from the previously announced 10 billion rubles., and also intends to invest in improving the safety of their production facilities, another 13 billion rubles. in addition, the company will have to pay a fine of 148 billion RUB, if it does not challenge the method of calculation of harm to the environment, which was used RPN.”Nornikel” has published a three-year programme of cleaning and recultivation of areas contaminated by leakage 21 thousand tons of oil products CHP-3 under the Norilsk may 29. The program consists of four phases. The first two have already passed in may—June and included the immediate cleanup of contamination. According to the company, has raised 90% of any spilled fuel on the territory of about CHP-3 185 removed tons of contaminated soil that was placed into temporary storage.Read deletetree phase will last until October when they will be collecting any remaining contaminants, transportation and disposal. The liquidators will collect fuel from the banks of the river, construct a temporary pipeline and it will divert collected water-fuel mixture in an industrial area near the Nadezhda metallurgical plant for further separation. During the final phase, from 2020 to 2023 will be reclamation of the affected lands.In the third quarter of 2020 will be inspections of hazardous production facilities, on the second half of the year planned to introduce monitoring of the soil, and in the years 2020-2022 the company intends to improve the system of emergency response.Read dalaeroproject already wrote “Norilsk Nickel” an unprecedented penalty for the accident in 147,7 billion rubles. the Company is trying to challenge the amount, stating that he disagreed with the methodology for its calculation.Meanwhile, in recent weeks, “Norilsk Nickel” pursue the scandals associated with environmental violations. So, at the end of June it became clear that at the Talnakh enrichment plant was conducted by the draining of process water from the sump in the tundra. “Norilsk Nickel” today announced that it has fired the company’s management, including the Director and chief engineer. The company stressed that, according to the results of water samples, its reset can not cause significant harm to the environment.Sunday, July 12, there was a new fuel spill on the pipeline “Nobelstrasse”, which is included in MMC. According to the company, when pumping aviation fuel from ship to storage in the village of Tukhard depressurization of the pipeline, which lasted 15 minutes. The result is a spread of 44.5 tons of jet fuel. Norilsk Nickel conducts official Russell��the study. The company’s shares by 13:30 Moscow time on the news, falling on the Moscow stock exchange 2.25% to 18.1 thousand RUB over the paper.Eugene Zainullin