Polina Askeri-bila Tserkva

Yesterday Polina Askeri-Belotserkovsky noted its 35-anniversary. Among guests was Angelica Timonina, snezhina kulova, Artem Korolev, Victoria Manasir, Ksenia Chilingarov, the Yasmina Muratovich, but it was not the husband of the birthday girl Boris Belotserkovsky (on any of the stories he lit up, and on the dance floor company Pauline was her sister angelina).

Polina Askeri-bila Tserkva Artem Korolev and Polina Askeri-bila Tserkva

All this gave a new reason to talk about the discord in the family of Boris and Polina, rumors of which intensified after the birth of the former wife of Boris, a 50-year-old Nicky Belotserkovsky. We will remind, then in storis nick showed the ring as a decided, gave her ex-husband.

in addition To the celebration in Saint-Tropez he, apparently, was present, which only strengthened the suspicions of the secular gossip that Belotserkovsky strongly seeking reconciliation with the former spouse and hopes for forgiveness.

nick and Boris Belotserkovsky with sons

However, in the telegram channels are discussing another version — supposedly paticulates nick borrowed from his girlfriend Uliana Tseytlina to piss off Pauline. In addition, there were rumors that the quarantine Polina and Boris spent apart, and she Askeri shared their stories ambiguous meme that to steal someone else’s husband easily, and you try to bring it back.

Among the causes of the disorder in a new family called bila Tserkva and financial disagreements. So, say that he was not very willing financed the gallery Askeri.

In his birthday no new hints on family situation Polina did not give.

I choose love, beauty, family, friends and art. At 35 I’ve seen a lot, but I’m still a babe, and look at the world with wide open eyes every day, every moment… Thank God and family for the patience and love that you give me every day

— wrote in instagram Askeri-Belotserkovsky.

At the party she danced to the hits of Sergei Mazaeva and “Ivanushki-International”, which made for Pauline and her guests, but judging by the stories, the dance floor was kind of empty. So, the holiday is missed and Viktoria Odintsova, called one of her best friends Pauline — congratulations she donated to the storis.

Victoria Odintsova and Polina Askeri-bila Tserkva

Recall that nick and Boris Belotserkovsky divorced in 2017 after 17 years of marriage. Together they raised five children: two General sons, son Nicky and two sons Boris from a previous relationship. In November 2018, Boris Belotserkovsky married Polina Askeri. Nika herself is denied that the model has become the cause of divorce.

Boris Grigoryevich decent man, no one ��e cast (Pauline appeared much later than the end of our marriage),

commented Nika last year.

Polina Askeri-Belotserkovsky Boris Belotserkovsky