“it is Widely recognized our achievements in space technology, atomic energy, engineering, communications. In some areas of the defense sphere the Russian leader, with a solid margin. Ambitions for world leadership in many civilian sectors”, – he said at the round table “Technological leadership of Russia: lessons of history.”

Naryshkin reminded that the country holds most of the legislative work “on the creation of favorable conditions for the development of high-tech industry and high-tech business.” And implementation of existing tools, according to the head of the RIO, designed to secure Russia’s “status as a great technological power, to improve the quality of life of our citizens, to ensure the inviolability of national sovereignty”.

it is Necessary that in the Constitution it was especially emphasized. “During these days there is a nationwide vote on the changes to the Constitution of the Russian Federation. I would like to draw attention to two of the proposed amendments. One of them is designed to protect historical memory. The second is to consolidate scientific and technological development in the number of subjects and priorities of the Russian Federation. The relationship of these standards is obvious, because the fruits of progress ripen only on the basis of tradition. I am convinced that the adoption of these two and other amendments is fully consistent with the strategic interests of our state and the interests of our citizens”, – concluded the Chairman of RIO.

By the way, correction on priority scientific-tehnicheskogo development under discussion in the working group on preparation of amendments in the Constitution did not cause anybody any doubt, said the scientific Director of the Institute of General history, RAS, academician Alexander Chubarian. “It is particularly important today to determine the right state policy. What happened during a pandemic, I think, is very significant. For the first time in our state history in this volume was supported by the business. This is one of Kruchenykh directions, which allows you to move forward with advanced technologies,” he said.

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