to Judge the situation only on the number of infected is impossible. A large number of cases shows not only that the virus is not receding, but also that the country is running a large number of tests. Without testing, if the disease is easy to diagnose impossible. At the same time to know what exactly hurts people, even in its mild form, it is extremely important to isolate and interrupt the chain of infection. The number of carried out tests, by the way, our country is among the top three in the world after China and the United States and to reduce the volume of test plans.

the Most bitter, but the speaker indicator is the mortality rate. It depends on many factors and organization of medical care to patients COVID-19, and the professionalism of doctors and the availability of all necessary for treatment, from medication to equipment providing oxygen. But at the same time on the mortality rate directly affects the organization of anti-epidemic measures, and, most importantly, as the population listens to the recommendations of experts and perform these preventive measures.

In our country, as explained by Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova, all post-mortem conclusions are based on autopsy to rule out errors in diagnosis. The technique of establishing the cause of death may have changed – the reports began to include not only the dead, “from the coronavirus,” but the dead “with the coronavirus” if that seriously affected the course of the disease. But after these changes, our country managed to keep the mortality rate of new infections in one of the lowest levels in the world.