the Governor of California Gavin Newsom after the authorities of Texas and Florida ordered the closure of all bars in several districts of the state, including in Los Angeles, due to new outbreaks of coronavirus.

“Californians should remain vigilant, – reads the statement of the Governor of California Gavin Newsom. – COVID-19 still circulating in California and some parts of the state, he is becoming stronger. That is why it is so important that we have taken this step and restrict its spread in those districts where there is the greatest increase in incidence”.

In the list of California counties that are covered by the decree on the closure of bars, hit Los Angeles, Fresno, Kern, San Joaquin, Tulare, kings and Imperial. All of them, with the exception of Los Angeles, located in the Central California valley, where the level of infection of coronavirus has increased dramatically over the past two weeks.

Similar measures, the Governor Newsom was proposed by eight other counties, including contra Costa, riverside, Sacramento, San Bernardino, Santa Barbara, Santa Clara, and Ventura Stanisla. However, this initiative is more Advisory in nature.

the Executive decree on the closure of bars after the upsurge of cases issued and the Texas Governor Greg Abbott. According to his order, all the bars and pubs that receive more than 51% of the proceeds from the sale of alcoholic beverages shall be closed on Monday, June 29, at noon (20:00 GMT). However, they all have the opportunity to work in takeaway and delivery mode.

the restaurants and cafes may remain open, provided that their capacity does not exceed 50% of the total declared capacity of the premises.

Similar measures against the bars imposed and officials in Florida. However, they can also sell drinks to-go and delivery orders. This decision took power after the state, there were almost 9 million new cases of infection COVID-19. This is an absolute record of Florida on the number of cases per day since the beginning of the pandemic.

the state Governor Ron DeSantis insisted that nothing to worry about and over the last week, “nothing has changed”. The surge in the incidence of it was blamed on the increase in the number of tests conducted on the coronavirus.

it is Noteworthy that the order of the Governor of California Gavin Newsom about the close of the bars is the first major deviation from the recovery plan for the California economy after the pandemic. Previously, Newsom allowed bars to open from 12 June, but gave County health officials the authority to keep them closed as much as they see fit.

Then, California authorities released a number of guidelines in which the bar workers were instructed to monitor compliance with the co��indexes social distance, remove seats and reduce the volume of the music in schools to reduce the need for loud talking and shouting in which an infected person can spread the virus further in much larger quantities. This month, Newsom also called on all Californians to remember to wear face masks in public and “high risk”.

However, the photos that were taken in bars and Nightclubs by the visitors in the weeks that followed, demonstrated that the majority of people neglect precautions. That’s why leaders of several bars in Sacramento took its own decision to close institutions to avoid the outbreak of a dangerous virus.

currently, the number of cases of coronavirus across California exceeded 215 thousand, and the number of deaths has reached almost 6 thousand.

The highest incidence is observed in the County of Imperial. On Friday, June 26, Newsome said that he recommended it to the authorities to introduce more restrictive measures, involving the closure of public schools and even extending the isolation for citizens. However, despite this, the members of the Advisory Council of the district did not accept an immediate decision on the closure of enterprises.

Meanwhile, officials of the County of San Bernardino warned that the local hospital received more patients with COVID-19, and they rapidly filled. That is why currently, the plan for the opening alternative medicine centers if the spread continues at the same level.

a Significant increase in the number of confirmed cases and hospitalizations in Los Angeles led to the fact that the County also found itself in a critical position. Local health officials said on Sunday, June 28, about 2533 new cases of infection with coronavirus.

“If we can’t find the strength to follow these requirements, including wearing face masks and distancing from others, we will jeopardize our ability to move forward on the road to recovery,” – said the head of the district health Department Barbara Ferrer.

Growth of infections COVID-19 were recorded in the 36 States of the USA. Only two States, Connecticut and Rhode island, reported a decrease in the morbidity rate.

Only the United States recorded more than 2.6 million cases COVID-19, including nearly 130 thousand people died, and about 1.1 million recovered.