Trump called the most important decision of the life time for the revival of the economy

the President of the United States Donald trump said he will fit very seriously and responsibly to the choice of the moment of renewal of economy after the pandemic coronavirus.

“It will be the most important decision which I will accept in my life,” he said.

the Us President explained that will consult with people who work with him on the problem with the coronavirus, and then determine the date.

it is Planned that next week trump will form a special team that will deal with the problem of returning the country to normal life.

trump said that he was proud of the way the Americans are implementing the recommendations for social distancing, but as the President noted, the self-isolation at home, too, is killing, but “doing it differently”.

President of the United States believes that economic activity should resume “as soon as possible”, because “cure” should not be worse that the problem (measures against pandemic coronavirus).

currently, the United States ranks first in the world in the number of infected with the coronavirus. More than 490 thousand cases were identified at this time.