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In the US Democratic party summed up the results in the Alaska primaries
Amid continuing concern about the growth of the pandemic, there is good news. More masterpieces of culture appear in the public domain, so enjoy a book that by chance was not in your home library, you can almost two mouse clicks. However, there arises a problem: how not to get lost in this endless stream suddenly descended on us on-line literature, lectures and performances. The correspondent of "MK" has decided to test the portal "Bibliovore", which opens the doors of the reading room in Moscow and not only.
In the online-lecture "Catastrophe and the modern man. Who are we?" the Director and the author of the project of DAU Ilya Hrzhanovsky spoke about his film and working on a new project "Babi Yar", showing a philosophical and oratorical gifts.
Recently the Minister of Finance of his native country, Mr. Siluanov gave are things that I almost choked — and in the moment in a public place it could even be life-threatening. He said with a straight face that, first, "were the fat years", and secondly, that now "we need to begin to effectively develop the economy". What?
The supplier and the organization appealed to the government with a warning. According to them, in the near future, the collection rate for the "communal" fall from 95-96% to 25-30%. The reason for this, in particular, will be imposed by the authorities, the moratorium on penalties for late payment of utility services and contributions for the overhaul.The utilities believe that consumers will perceive the information about the cancellation penalties as the signal: in the context of a pandemic can cease to pay the bills and it will be nothing. What if the government, heeding the threats of resursnogo, play it back, return the penalties for non-payment and will need to knock out the tenants every penny?
Pause on the stage — the right thing. With its help, you can tell a lot. Same thing in life. Today we have all slowed down, paused. Why the pause?This time we stole or gave it to us? And how can we break this hold?
The President of the United States Donald trump said he will fit very seriously and responsibly to the choice of the moment of renewal of economy after the pandemic coronavirus
Accumulate ability, improve memory, and ever will... to carry to the brain the less successful people. Donation the potential of improving memory is one of the latest trends of modern neurophysiology, we talk with the former Director and now scientific Director of the Institute of higher nervous activity and neurophysiology of RAS Pavel BALABAN. From a conversation with him about the latest achievements of science and the mysteries of our brain we have learned:— how many scientific discoveries in physiology could be accomplished in Russia;— how to convince the hungry that he fed;— as of the disability of the student to take the honors with a single injection;what is deja vu, and what really determines the success of any business.
Former Vice-President of the United States under the administration of Barack Obama, Joe Biden won the primary elections of the Democratic party, passed yesterday in South Carolina
A bill on criminal responsibility for violation of the rules of holding a nationwide vote on amendments to the Constitution already submitted to the Duma. But the entry into force of all the constitutional innovations at the same time, as commanded by the President, problematic, otherwise the constitutional court will become a dysfunctional body.
On Wednesday, April 22, appointed to the all-Russian vote on the amendments to the Constitution. This day paid weekends. Employers must pay employees that day, as if they were at work. However, experts warn that private sector companies can bypass prescription and to call the workers to the offices and production.
At the meeting of the Public Council on culture at the House of Unions Sergey Shnurov came in a suit and tie. He told reporters that "stopped concert activity, but not forever: art from me not going anywhere". And explained the reasons of campaign politics.
The Chinese plague has reached wall street. On the new York stock exchange is the third day in a row was a collapse: the Dow Jones fell by almost 1200 points. 4-5% sank other major us indices: S&P 500 and NASDAQ. If the wall street "coughs", gripped the rest of the financial world.
For the sake of his Majesty "Citation Index", on the grounds that you went off the rails, it seems, all the media and social networks, once again under deliberate stamp "officially" left last comic "news" on the "welcome" and the final appointment of Alexander Panayotov special representative of Russia on "the Eurovision 2020" with the song composer Vladimir Matetskiy and Leonid Gutkin on the words of the poet Mikhail Gutseriev "Tears of my failures." "The song will be performed in Russian", - mentioned separate line proud, like promise the premiere of almost near the Sunday of "Time". While everything from Panayotov and his producer Grigoriy Leps to melanacantha in charge of the case competition in Russia, – says one thing: "Lies, hums and provocation."
The Russian participant of "Eurovision-2020" was the 35-year-old pop singer Alexander Panayotov.
The RBC released the results of a survey about the attitude of Russians to vote on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation
Authoritative scientific journal Science published an interview with leading epidemiologists from Oxford and Harvard universities. They are sounding the alarm: the coronavirus COVID-19 spread across the planet. Border controls and tracking of patient contacts do not help. It's time to change the whole strategy.
TV presenter and blogger Ksenia Sobchak suggested who from Patriotic pop stars could go into politics and create their own party. His idea Sobchak shared on your channel, the "Bloody lady" on the platform "Yandex.Zen".
"A Russian fairy tale. From Vasnetsov still" is more than an interactive exhibition devised for children and adults. It's an experiment that sets the bar for the West wing of the Tretyakov gallery. Given to the Museum last spring housing on the Crimean shaft are going to rebuild and turn it into an art space of a fundamentally new format. This project is another step in this direction. At the exhibition, the viewer finds himself in a fantastic world, where the sky flying geese in the cave lurks koshcheeva death in the underwater realm of the living water, and in the fairy forest giant sleeping bear. The world of Russian tales is presented as a theatre where the main actors — the works of classic and contemporary art and the spectator. If not overshadows scenography artistic context, to understand "MK".
The leader of the race among Democrats Bernie Sanders said that if elected President, will not allow Russia to interfere in the American elections
The capital's secondary housing market froze in anticipation of support. In the context of stagnating incomes especially can not count on that. According to experts, increase the number of transactions will help cheaper mortgage.

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