Writer-satirist Leonid Natapov told new details of the conflict in the family of Yevgeny Petrosyan. According to him, the complex relationship between Petrosian, his wife Tatiana and daughter Brownboy Quiz give him a chance to work properly.

Natapov said that the cooperation with Petrosyan calls the writer a feeling that it is now for the stars of “full House” is not a priority. According to the satirist, he showed Petrosian his humorous monologues, but he didn’t seem to do this because of the lack of peace of mind.

“I think it is not up to creative plans” – quoted Natapov the TV channel “Star”.

He also noted that “terribly bad” marriage can complicate a man’s life so that may get him to think “the gun to his head”.

“the Title he has, is known, another would be peace somewhere to find,” said the writer.

Earlier Natapov said that the cause of conflict in the family lies in the fact that the daughter Petrosyan doesn’t get along with his wife, Tatyana, on the question of inheritance.

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