foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov has commented on the fact that some Russians were able to travel abroad through the territory of Belarus. The Minister could not name the dates of the opening of the Russian borders.

Lavrov said in an interview with RT journalist Anton Krasovsky, that he for the first three months of the pandemic traveled abroad in Belarus and Serbia, although both visits were to be held in March.

Then the students asked the diplomat if he knows about that now tourists fly to Turkey via Belarus airline Belavia.

foreign Minister retorted that the government can not forbid the Russians to use this feature. According to him, during trips in the era of the pandemic people should be “caution and common sense.”

Lavrov also could not answer the question about the timing of the opening of the Russian borders, which were closed because of the threat of the spread of coronavirus infection.

In June, the government allowed the Russians to go abroad to work, study or to care for relatives. The possibility of exit is also provided for those citizens who require medical assistance abroad.