July 2020 was rich in legislative changes. If housing prices traditionally increase from 1 July, but some innovations were unexpected. For example, the middle of this year proposed to extend the regime of self-employed in the whole country, although the test mode was in effect until 2028. Innovations will concern the well-being of Russians: child benefits will be extended, as part of the pensions to be indexed.

housing prices will rise

Housing and communal services will rise from 1 July by 2.4-6.5% depending on the region. More likely rates will rise in the North Caucasus: in Chechnya by 6.5%, in Kabardino-Balkaria – by 5.4%, in Dagestan – 5.2%.

the Minimum threshold increase is planned in the Nenets Autonomous district – by 2.4%. However, average growth rates in all regions will be 4% and will not exceed inflation. The legislature considered the idea of “freeze” the price of communal deterioration of the material situation of Russians in the period of the pandemic. However, the government rejected the initiative, standing on the side of resource companies, which, without the indexation of tariffs will face the underfunding.

electricity Meters will be replaced free of charge

There is good news from public utilities. From 1 July installation, repair, maintenance and replacement of electricity metering devices will be conducted at the expense of energy companies. Moreover, the obligation will become effective for the guaranteeing suppliers in apartment buildings, and for network companies in the case of the private sector, cottages and legal persons. As explained in the Ministry of energy, tenants will remain to be a safety counters.

Tax for self employed enter everywhere

last address to the nation President Vladimir Putin proposed to extend the tax regime for self-employed throughout the country. With 2018, he acted in a test mode, initially in 4 regions, and then in 23 constituent entities of the Russian Federation. The regions will be able to decide to join the project or not. Another innovation, as self-employed you can register from the age of 16, not 18 as before.

self-employed can become freelancers and entrepreneurs who are not employed and the employer does not have the status of individual entrepreneur or legal entity. Using the mobile app “My tax”, they can legalize their income and pay each service provided, the tax at 4% (for natural persons) and 6% (if the client is a legal entity or entrepreneur) instead of the usual personal income tax of 13%. According to the Finance Ministry, more than 741 thousand taxpayers become self-employed.

Re-pay for children

In July, families with children will receive another lump-sum payment in 10 thousand roubles on each child. These funds will be provided to monthly payment of 5 thousand rubles for children up to 3 years and will be automatically charged for the June lump sum payment for children from 3 to 16 years. A new application for financial aid to apply do not need the money to pay on the basis of existing data from the FIU. As reported by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, on these purposes is planned to allocate more than 270 billion rubles.

Pensions for older carers will increase

will Resume indexation of insurance pensions adoptive parents, retirees and Trustees of minor children. Previously, they were equated to working pensioners due to the fact that they are parenting under the contract, and get rewarded for it. The remuneration was small: 4-5 thousand rubles. Now they will annually index the amount of the insurance pension and a fixed payout to her. Recalculation of pensions will be held in pizzaville order: report to the FIU is not required. According to government estimates, the measure will cover 45,8 thousand foster parents.

Ends the transfer of pension payments on the card “the WORLD”

Until July 1, banks should complete the translation of pensioners to the card payment system. However, before 1 October, the Central Bank has allowed not to punish the banks, if they continue to transfer pensions to cards of other payment systems. Thus, Visa and MasterCard holders three months will be able to use them.

Microcredit will tighten again

From 1 July, introduced new rules for the market of microcredit. For micro-credit companies with a simplified regulation sets out the minimum amount of own funds of 1 million rubles. Also a micro-credit company is obliged to disclose information about the structure and composition of its shareholders.

Shoes, cigarettes and drugs will promarkers

Expands the list of goods subject to mandatory digital marking. Information about all imported drugs must be included in the traffic monitoring system of drugs. The realization of unmarked drugs entered the market before July 1 will be allowed until the end of their shelf life.

Since July 1, needs to be completely stopped circulation in the country of unmarked tobacco products. Becomes mandatory and the labelling of footwear. Goods without special codes after July 1, it will be impossible to sell. To check legality of the product buyers will be able to Annex “Honest sign”: it will affect all the information about the movement of a pair of shoes from the manufacturer to the buyer. Have been shopping for shoes can be applied until 1 September.

offer Tourists, domestic travelers

Since July 1, almost in full mode opens the holiday season. Start working the hotels and chickensHorta across the country removed restrictions on interregional trips, open beaches, parks and promenades. Already a month are resorts of the Krasnodar territory medical license, now they will officially join the all hotels, hostels and children’s camps. The CPS ordered spas to comply with security measures, including social distance. Rules imposed and regions. Somewhere, enter the maximum level of congestion of hotels, in some regions restrictions on entry. Prior to planning your trip is to study the limits and epidemiological situation in the region.

15 July partially resumed flights. Borders will be opened with the countries of the EAEU and the CIS. Europe and the CIS countries for the Russians are still closed.

to Prove disabilities don’t have

From July 1 to receive payments and services not required to provide a certificate of disability. The necessary information will be requested by the authorized organs within the framework of electronic interaction between agencies. Earlier from-for bureaucratic delays disability payments are often delayed in order to collect documents, write an application to the pension Fund, wait for confirmation examinations. Now treatment benefits for people with disabilities easier.

Another innovation is waiting for the disabled car owners. With July 1 marking plate with the image of stroller is no longer required. Vehicle information managed by or carrying the disabled person must be placed in the Federal register, and the signs will not be issued. To be eligible for free Parking disabled persons or their legal representatives must submit a statement of PRF on introducing vehicles to the registry. You can also do this in MFC or on the portal of public Services. For disabled people in Parking lots for General use shall be not less than 10% of soft ground.

declarations of civil servants will be transferred into electronic form

civil Servants would fill out income only by using special software “help BC”. This service is available on the official website of the President of Russia. Such certificates are required to complete about 2 million people, including deputies and employees of the state funds. “Help Bq” will automatically check the correctness of the document will store the data and update them.

Employees will be asked to choose the format of the work book

the Government has postponed the deadline for notifying the employee about the e-service book. Employers had until July 1 to collect information from employees about what format the work book for them remains, be they electronic or paper. The term ��rodelli until October 31.

In the universities impose a mandatory practice

Practical training for students will become a mandatory part of training for all specialties in universities, colleges and schools. This was the norm in the Soviet system of education, and in today’s Russia there are only four areas: aviation and rail transport, medicine and pharmaceuticals.

Geographical indication consolidate the law

Since July 27, in Russia there is a new object of intellectual property rights – geographical indication. The rule will affect manufacturers of products, wine and other goods. For regional producers, simplified procedure for registration of the product by reference to a geographical object. For example, early “Circassian cheese” was to be made exclusively from milk Adyghe and ripen in special baskets of plum twigs. With 80% of Adygei cheese produced outside of the Republic of Adygea. Adyghe now officially able to be called cheese if at least one of the stages of its production was in the same location.

expert Commentary

Alex Krichevsky, expert of the Academy of management Finance and investment: “One of the most interesting and positive innovations July – proliferation regime of self-employed across the country. This will gradually lead people working without registration and in private, from the shadows. After the dissemination of the project to the whole country the number of self-employed will increase in 1,5-2 times during the course of this year, and tax deductions may exceed 3 billion rubles. The government will ensure that the company have not transferred employees to self-employment because of the attractive tax conditions. To solve this, a transition period of six months, when a self-employed person has no right to conclude the contract with the company from which he retired.

the Introduction of electronic work books will enable you not to worry about the experience and a sudden loss of employment records – all data will be stored.

as for the indexing of utility tariffs, in comparison to the total falling of incomes of the population have been more logical to either cancel it completely or to postpone the period of raising the cost of housing services for the next few years, increasing by 1-1. 5% the indexing for “compensatory” period”.

Peter Pushkarev, chief analyst at TeleTrade: “Definitely good news will be the re-payment in July, 10 thousand rubles for each child up to 16 years. Any social benefits are able to stir almost “dead” consumer demand. So this money will help the business.

the long-Awaited theme – opening domestic tourism-free travel between the regions. Most importantly, to tourists on samuti��and inquiries and audits. Not the fact that citizens massively go to travel: once you get to the hotel, where one of the guests finds a virus there all vacationers adjusting to the isolation. In terms of the restrictions will be in demand more “wild” rest with the removal of apartments and private houses.

Many Russians were waiting for the chance to become legally self-employed. Well, that option is available to the most active young people from the age of 16. Bad, perhaps, that the decision on introduction of the self-employed are left at the mercy of regions, and tighten with changes in regional legislation. They still need to djonovic citizens to legalize and to convince that in a few years of power is not shut off benefits and not “cut” the tax press is already full.

Will be restored the normal order of indexation of pensions to the pensioners-Trustees of the children: equating them to working pensioners was clearly a misunderstanding. Well and what with the cards “the World” pensioners not allowed to go during the epidemic of the new, and allowed to fall to use the old”.

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