– We are the eagles and try to fly above kovida – the Director of “Orlyonok” Alexander Djeus. – Was ready to receive guests on June 1, but the CPS has asked us to postpone the anniversary of the change on 1 July. Yes, we are allowed to shift to take no more than 2.5 thousand people, which is about 70 percent, but most importantly – “Eaglet” is a place of rest, creativity, study all year round, but the center of innovative education. I am glad that we together with the Ministry of education returned semantic tasks – to serve the child through teaching each other and not just give a amount of knowledge.

Alexander Jews noticed that the first shift 2020 lived in isolation, those regions where the children have arrived, without permission to visit their relatives and with observance of measures of social distance. But the new eagles are potential designers and inventors who have received access to the most modern high technology, developing creative skills.

– I on all life will remember his shift in the “Orlenok”, – said the Ombudsman for children under the President of Russia Anna Kuznetsova. – It was a dream and a challenge. A dream come true, I’m in the 7th grade for the first time in my life I saw the sea, and let the autumn and the cold, but caught in the maelstrom of such a kaleidoscope of events and personalities that took our breath away. And calls I for the first time in the “Orlenok” got a C in physics had to struggle. This is valuable and “eagle” change is that it gives momentum to new purposes.

Anna Kuznetsova emphasized that the “Eaglet” was able to defend in 90-e years of education as one of the meanings of its existence. “After all, raising not education, she said – and creativity – of creativity, of learning, of sport, of invention – any overcome that personality helps you soar above the sky.”

agreed, also a former “Eaglet”, the Director of the Museum of Victory on Poklonnaya hill in Moscow Alexander Shkolnik. He is in a number of common projects of the “Orlenok” and the Museum called the international project for the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war “Territory” and “Russia – the country of heroes”.

– Joint projects – that is what nourishes us, – admitted the Director of “Orlyonok” Alexander Djeus. – I noticed a certain pattern: any partnership project of the first “mind-blowing”, and then becomes a norm of life “Eaglets”. For example, with the “Press unit”. She gave and gives reliable information about the Second world war, debunks the myths about her. Without it, as the rules we are introducing a new shift.

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all-Russian children’s center “Eaglet” was founded in 1960 on the black sea coast of Krasnodar region. All year round Orlyonok accepts up to 20 thousand children.