Recall that the powers of the President in Poland is not very wide, and Andrzej Duda for the previous five years and is established itself as a obedient link in the chain, in which the ruling party “law and justice” holds its own laws. Which lasted from may, the struggle was not just a confrontation between two candidates for President or against the government and the opposition. It was a confrontation between two views on the past, present and future of Poland. The mayor of Warsaw, rafał Trzaskowski – member of the party “Civic coalition” that owns five foreign languages, including Russian, promised not to sign everything that to it will bring out the headquarters of the ruling party. He could become the European face of Poland, which today is in conflict with the European Union. He could start a careful dialogue with Russia, whose long awaited people on both sides of the border between the countries, and return a friendly atmosphere in the contacts with Germany, which scares the poles Andrzej Duda. Trzaskowski could stop part of the reforms that the European Commission called a threat to Polish democracy. But he lost, though around it for the first time in many years United the voters of the majority of the opposition parties. In order to understand why it happened, it is enough to see what is really important to Polish voters.

Before the second round of the presidential election, the sociologists of the centre of public opinion research IPSOS found that voters Trzaskowski above all else democracy and the rule of law – 64 percent of respondents named it a priority. And among supporters of the incumbent President such was only 24 percent. 38 percent of voters Trzaskowski wanted Polish society was less divided, and voting for the dude the item picked up only 16 percent. What is the priority for voters Duda? It turned out that for 42 per cent of them the main thing – the conditions of life. It’s just that less concerned audience Trzaskowski. In second place among voters Duda is the pride of the country – this item chose 38 percent, and among supporters of the opposition is important only for 16%. Two Polish United only by the desire that the country well-lived ordinary citizens, not elites… and that was not won by the candidate of the opposite party.

About the reasons for the victory of the incumbent “RG” said the chief editor of the electronic version of the Polish magazine Polityka Lukasz Lipinski:

– Andrzej Duda won due to three factors. First, he ensured the preservation of the social programs of the government such as reduction of the retirement age, the 13th and 14th pensions and the payment of PLN 500 for each child. He managed to create the impression that his loss would jeopardize the existence of these programs. Second, he announced ��civilizational war on various social groups or perceived enemies: LGBT, the elites, the private media or, for example, Germany. Duda has stoked existing public sentiment. Of his campaign was that Trzaskowski, its environment and voters are not Polish and don’t care about Polish interests. Thirdly, it was supported by the entire state apparatus: the government, Ministers, state-owned companies, government television, which created unequal opportunities in the course of the election campaign. Due to these factors, the Dude managed more efficiently than the opposition, to mobilize their voters. He won a significant majority in rural areas, in South-Eastern Poland, among the workers and the unemployed and people over 60 years of age, especially seniors.