The Urals continue to monitor the capture of the convent of shehurina Sergiy (Romanov). The priest who denies coronavirus and believe in chipping, cursed all who called to close the temples in the epidemic, and went on the defensive, calling in its defense of the flock and of the Cossacks. Father Sergius — a man who served in the militia, have committed murder and 13 years spent in prison. As, in spite of mortal sin, has become one of the most famous and influential priests of Russia to understand”.ru”.

a companion-drunk

Abbot Sergius was born in 1955 in Gorky (now Nizhny Novgorod) region. After serving in the army, he graduated from police school. The future priest, whose name was Nicholas Romanov, in Soviet times he served in the Ministry of internal Affairs (there is also a theory that he was a salesman in a grocery store).

However, the protection of socialist legality something went wrong, and in 1985 he was in prison, where he served 13 years for murder, robbery, theft, embezzlement and the death of a person in an accident, which was confirmed by a certificate of the chief information and analytical center of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia.

“In 1985 taken for the theft of state property thirty years Nicholas has told how two friends mount scored in the suburbs of companion-drunk with a purpose, as it is written, Rob. Drugged, tied to a concrete slab and drowned, the body threw the other boards”, — so described the offense of the future priest.

While serving sentence, Romanov missed the collapse of the Soviet Union and almost all the dashing 90’s, released only in 1997, just in time for the economic crisis and default. After his release, he decided to dedicate his life to religion.

In 1998, the Novels entered the Moscow theological Seminary and became a novice Alapayevsk monastery near Yekaterinburg. Have committed serious crimes, according to the Canon, even served a sentence, are forbidden to become priests of the Russian Orthodox Church, as murder is one of the deadly sins. As Romanov was able to circumvent this obstacle is unknown. Reporters said that it was “forgiven.”

Whatever it was, his career went up sharply. In 2000, just two years after entering the Seminary, father Sergius became the first Abbot of the monastery of the Holy Royal Martyrs in the hole Ganina Yama near Yekaterinburg, erected in memory of the Bolsheviks shot the Royal family. He headed the monastery for five years. Probably, just at this time he was imbued with the ideas of the so-called carbonicum. As the leader and ideologist of this movement in the ROC (which, according to experts, the signs of the sect) father Sergius became famous.

So in 20 years, Abbot Sergius became one of the most famous and scandalous Russian clergy.


Carbonite, directs which father Sergius, believe in the special role of the killed in 1918 in Yekaterinburg Emperor Nicholas II, the last Russian Tsar. According to the well-known theologian Andrei Kuraev, they believe that the murder of the Royal family had the character of sacred sacrifice for all Christians.

“This ideology is, of course, matters, because in Christianity only one Redeemer — Jesus Christ. And, of course, here there is heresy, with which to fight,” — said Kuraev.

Another Russian Orthodox priest, father Daniil Sysoev argued that this doctrine is fundamentally contrary to the New Testament: “let us Note, incidentally, that the notion of "Tsar-Redeemer" completely contrary to the doctrine of "not the Russian people, the redeemed of the sin of regicide"”.

As strange as it may sound, in addition to Emperor Nicholas II father Sergius in honor of Soviet leader Joseph Stalin. According to the priest, the merit of the famous native of Georgia that he destroyed sodomy and raised the country. This chiyoumen, apparently, did not mind how Stalin treated the last Russian Emperor, and he said that “the Hitler regime is a copy of that reactionary regime which existed in Russia under tsarism.”

After the seizure of the monastery, the priest allowed reporters to look at his cell. On its walls were pictures of not only “the victorious Stalin” and Nicholas II, and Rasputin, one of the most controversial personalities of the epoch of the sunset of the Russian Empire and the Romanov dynasty.

Or table, or stand the priest in his cell is a coffin.

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The famous chiyoumen huge flock, for years people come to him from all over the country. It has long been interested journalists, social activists and supporters of the more conservative views on Russian Orthodoxy.

In 2013, a former employee of the “Orthodox newspaper” (publication of the Yekaterinburg diocese) Raisa ilina appealed to the Minister of social policy, the interior Minister and the public Prosecutor of Sverdlovsk region, accusing father Sergius in attracting people to the sect, where they, according to the journalist, burned passports and sold the apartment, transferring money spiritual father. It was also reported that at the monastery of the congregation of access to medical care, children live with adults, and the latter did not hesitate to apply to the minor corporal punishment. Any consequences for father Sergius the story had.

The congregation for his spiritual father, as a rule, does not complain, quite the contrary. About him making a documentary telling about the grace and wonders that surround the disgraced hermit. Videos with declarations of love to his spiritual father, the supporters of Sergius wrote and after the capture of the monastery.

In 2018 was published��icoana video of the ritual of exorcism, which was conducted by the hermit. During the sermon father Sergius also campaigned to oppose the personal data processing system, arguing that it draws people into “electronic slavery”. “In the INN is, the number of the beast,” he warned.

“Chipizatsiya” in its various forms occupies an important place in the sermons of father Sergius. In his opinion, it will be imposed through forced vaccination against coronavirus.

“after the First vaccination to be healing, people will admire the devil’s love of the country’s leadership, doctors and so on. But then comes suffering and death. Not only physical, but also spiritual,” explained Serge.

It is with these views linked to allegations of a priest in extremism. During the sermon he stated that the situation with coronavirus — “pseudopodia”, invented by cowardly infidels, cursed those who called to close the temples, and encouraged the believers to take to the streets to protest. In his remarks has seen signs of an offense under article 20.3.1 of the administrative code (“inciting hatred or enmity, and humiliation of human dignity”). Also he will be tried on charges of spreading fakes court hearing scheduled for June 23.

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Parallel to this, the hermit was tried in the ROC. The diocesan court held on this matter on June 15, father Sergius called for the meeting, however, did not stay there long.

“his Holiness Patriarch Kirill made a decision out of fear of death to close the temples of the Russian Orthodox Church. Blessed to follow the instructions of sanitary inspectors. His Holiness, the Synod, the bishops have no power over the Church — the Church is currently led by sanitary doctors and CPS. Consider these actions the Patriarch, the Holy Synod of bishops of the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit and the betrayal of faith,” said he to the court, and then withdrew.

As a result, decided to appoint a new session. It will be held June 26.

Spiritual and administrative courts have become the last straw, and Abbot went on the defensive, calling on Cossacks and carbonico to defend the monastery and threatened that the monastery would have to take by storm, if its there want to leave.

the Holy and Matilda

By the way, carbonite, and not ROC as it might seem from the outside, actively fought in 2016-2017 against the release of the film by Alexei Uchitel “Matilda”, which tells about the novel heir to the Russian throne, Nicholas Alexandrovich, future Emperor Nicholas II, c ballerina Matilda Kshesinskaya.

Carbonite along with the Orthodox movement “forty times Forty” was in “prayerful standing” against the release of “Matilda” in the summer of 2017. None of them received the official blessing of the local Bishop. In the study of social movement and its leader created the impression that it was “forty times Forty” prefer not to think about cooperation.

One of the most famous fighters against “Matilda” was a former Prosecutor of the Crimea and the Deputy of the State Duma Natalia Poklonskaya, who claimed that the picture offends the feelings of believers, because the king was canonized as a Martyr.

Later, in 2020, the Deputy regretted the long-standing scandal and called his actions a mistake.

Speaking about the capture of the monastery in the Urals, Polonskaya called chiyoumen Sergius a good man, and expressed the opinion that the situation is inflated on purpose to speculate on the subject of religion.

Father Sergius was called the spiritual father of Polonskaya. It was argued that in 2015 she arrived in Ekaterinburg to get married, and the ceremony was conducted precisely Abbot Sergius. However, Taylor has repeatedly denied such a close relationship with father Sergius.

the press service of the Yekaterinburg diocese

But without Poklonskaya, the leader of zarabotav enough known followers. With the latest developments in the Urals monastery was Olympic champion on hockey Pavel Datsyuk, who two years ago gave his gold medal to this very monastery, and also the participant of show “the Ural pelmeni” Dmitry Sokolov. They both publicly expressed support for the hermit.

Among the spiritual children of father Sergius has been called the nephew of mafia boss Ded Hassan — the thief-in-law Timur Sverdlovsk who died in 2014. According to the Yekaterinburg realtor Alena Golikova, Serge met him in prison.

the earth matters

Independent behavior father Sergius would not have been possible without financial independence from the diocese. It is believed that a popular priest really controls the three major Orthodox monastery in the Sverdlovsk region, occupying a total of more than 100 hectares. These territories are not only religious buildings, but also residential houses, and agricultural and industrial buildings.

In the North-East region so was busy the whole village. In this part of the earth decorated in the diocese, but mostly in areas not registered the right of ownership, or they do not put on the cadastral account.

The residents drawn or diocesan territories perceive them almost as property, fencing off areas with fences. And it seems that the Church has no real control over these objects, which constitute a kind of Vatican.

That particular monastery, which settled the priest, almost Autonomous, journalists believe. It includes agriculture, horticulture, workshops, children’s Orthodox school, Straneprijemny house, a kind of hospice, kitchen and other buildings.

The region has also gained fame history, when farmers accused father Sergius and the Church farm in the raider seizure of land for the monastery. It happened in 2002. The litigation ended only in 2016, when the Supreme court ruled in favor of the applicants. However, their land the farmers never saw in 2019 they had to give her convent, but at least they received monetary compensation.

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the Ural schismatic

In recent years, the Urals became one of the most “hot” in political terms, Russia’s regions. So, in 2019 in Yekaterinburg and held protests against the construction of the Church of St. Catherine, in which the ROC and the project investors had to abandon their plans. Father Sergius and his supporters have a direct relationship to the story.

So, the source of the environment of Metropolitan Kirill of Yekaterinburg said that the environment of father Sergius allegedly unhappy with how easily the Church has made concessions to the public.

“After that, a group of radical believers have a reason to talk about a conciliatory position of the Church, to call for more stringent upholding Orthodox values and the place of religion in the lives of Russians”, — he said.

According to the interlocutor of journalists, the multiplicity of supporters can push chiyoumen Sergius to direct conflict with his ecclesiastical superiors, in fact — to the Church split.

A split occurred among the Cossacks. So, the Orenburg army Cossack society (OVCO) denied by the people who seized the convent.

“In the well-known events involved individuals of Cossack public associations not participating in the implementation of the state policy concerning the Russian Cossacks”, — said OUKO.

As everywhere in Russia, in the Urals, is the registered Cossacks, i.e. official, governmental, and is not included in the registry or the army, from which it is easy to deny.

How will the events develop further, to predict difficult, but the determination of the disgraced priest makes you think that it is unlikely that he will leave the choice of Church and secular authorities, even though no one wants to escalate the conflict, calling to solve it with the world — this man wants to remain in the monastery and used to succeed: mount Lee, preaching whether.