85 projects approved by the Supervisory Board of the competitive selection of ANO “Institute for the development of the Internet” chaired by first Deputy Head of the presidential Administration Sergei Kiriyenko, will receive support from the state. Funds for the creation of online content highlighted in the framework of realization of Federal project “Digital culture” of the national project “Culture”.

Accepting applications for the second wave of the competition of Iran was held from 20 April to 20 may 2020. All participants were submitted 422 application of them to the examination admitted 299. The projects were selected from over four hundred applications in the categories “Video”, “Projects in the blogosphere”, “Games and SOFTWARE”, “special Projects in mass media”.

In order to improve the selection system was updated thematic lines, in particular, there was a direction on youth issues.

An examination of multi-stage projects was assessed according to formal criteria, on content, at a cost to ratio of cost to key performance indicators. Binding was the presence of the project presentation and video message. Participation as stated in the draft of stars and media persons were also confirmed by documents. Project Manager, Director, scriptwriter had to provide written confirmation or a video message about their participation.

In addition, there is a limit to the number of projects from one participant is not more than three, and the cost of one project depending on category.

Project evaluation took place on three main criteria: quality of content, coverage and audience reaction, the estimated cost of production. When developing the method of selection was taken into account the best practices of presidential grants.

Thematic directions of the second wave — “Be yourself”, “We are together”, “Do good”, “Proud” and “Act!”.

“the Jury selected 20 projects more than it was in the first wave of the competition, except this time we have a very strong regional component 40 projects, nearly half will be implemented in the regions. The leaders of the Moscow region, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Saint-Petersburg, there are projects of Kamchatka, Krasnoyarsk, Stavropol territory, the Crimea. I sincerely hope that in a crisis, our support will be help for small studios and content producers,” – said the head of Iran, commenting on the results of the second wave of the competition of Iran.

“In the second wave we changed and improved the selection system, for example, we have a mandatory contestants have the presentation and video message. This allowed, on the one hand, to achieve significant improvements in the quality and thoroughness of applications, and with another – reduce their numbers and thus the load on the experts,” – said gendirektor�� ANO IRI Anton Klyuchkin.

Among the winning projects much motivating and proprietaryware content, including modern professions, volunteers, youth.

“as part of our new thematic line dedicated to youth will create content that we hope will help the state to deal with the destructive currents of the type AUE, different suicidal groups. In these projects young people are not afraid to talk about problems that they have, this is important because with the audience on which we focus, should talk to their peers,” says Anton Klyuchkin.

In addition, we allocated a direction of the podcasts. Among the winners of six of them, on a variety of topics – from the role of Russian inventors in the creation of the Internet and the jobs of the future, to the sight of foreigners in Russia, its traditions and culture.

It is also expected several promising pilot projects, including based on the novel by science fiction writer Oleg Divov “the Young and the strong will survive”, a series of projects about the great Patriotic war and projects in the increasingly popular format of the youth debates.

"We as a Rambler Group, of course, are very pleased to have the winners of the second wave of competition for the creation of Internet content for young people.

it is Remarkable that the state invests in the creation of relevant educational content that is organic and interesting among young people. Of course, the video and presentations are embedded in the framework of the selection for the second wave of the contest, it’s not that complicated a process, but made it interesting. We are encouraged that in the end will be able to produce relevant and interesting youth content", – said the Director of development at Rambler media Group Vladimir Todorov.