Politician and the leader of group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov has published a new post on Instagram, which in verse form had stated that in Beirut there were “powerful fireworks” because of the irresponsibility. The product contains foul language.

Muddied powerful fireworks! / Who and where nitrate is kept, asks the musician.

According to him, this explosion affected everyone. Similar situations occur when it is taken for irresponsible people.

On Tuesday, August 4, in the heart of Beirut’s port, near the naval base of Lebanon, there was a massive explosion. He was so strong that rocked residential areas of the capital of Lebanon. First there was cotton, then the sky rose black and white smoke, and then there was a loud explosion. After that, the blast wave smashed Windows in nearby houses and buildings in the area a few kilometers from the epicenter. The incident killed 30 people, injured about three thousand.

At the moment the victims are delivered in different hospitals. Among them, the daughter and wife of the Prime Minister of Lebanon Hassan Diab. The victim of the incident also became the Secretary General of the Lebanese party “Kataib” Nizar Najarian. August 5, announced a day of mourning in the country.

Wrote the number of victims of explosion in the port of Beirut has risen to 113, according to the Ministry of health of Lebanon. Dozens of people are still under the rubble. Hospitals can not cope with the load. The number of victims can increase.