the Experiment implementing such regimes, or the “digital sandbox”, the industry waited a long time. Authorities received the right to create a “sandbox” even when innovative activities are statutory limitations, pays attention to Dmitry Ter-Stepanov, Deputy head of ANO “Digital economy”. The regions will be able to waive the applicable requirements or prohibitions in the digital sphere, including established at the Federal level, if necessary for the normal functioning of the experimental treatment.

the Key industries for testing “sandbox” Ministry of economic development has determined the medicine, transport, agriculture, financial sector and public administration, told the Agency. The Ministry has already proposed to add to the list the communications industry. A draft resolution on this is available on the portal of legal information.

According to Alexander Zhuravlev, Chairman of the Commission on legal empowerment of the digital economy of the Moscow branch of Association of lawyers of Russia (AYUR), a company engaged in the development and implementation of innovative products will be able to test their technology, goods, works and services in practice with some exceptions of applicable law. “However, some special legal regimes have been used already, for example, on the basis of “SKOLKOVO” was conducted the testing of unmanned vehicles in Russia, which then went into the streets of the city,” he said. According to him, the document will allow you to safely introduce innovative products on the whole territory of Russia, and to ensure competitive advantage of the domestic market and to attract investment from foreign companies. This approach is widely used in the world practice, with a widespread “technological clusters”, as the main place to test the technology. Thus, a similar mode is already introduced in the UK, Canada, Singapore, and even in neighboring Belarus.

the Law on “digital sandbox” will come into force at the end of January 2021. Before this time will be assessed the risks of the use of such legal regimes with the involvement of sectoral authorities. The final decision on the experiment and its duration in each case will be taken by the government of the Russian Federation. The economic development Ministry is preparing the necessary regulations. So, in the new draft regulation, the Agency identified a list of 10 technologies that will participate in the “sandbox”. Among them Neurotechnology, artificial intelligence, big data (big data) and robotics, and others.

In Moscow on July 1, has already launched its own “digital sandbox”, which aims to identify areas of the city in which it is necessary to introduce artificial intelligence and to determine what changes are needed to existing legislation.