the businessman from Khabarovsk Eugene dawns, in which murder accuse the Governor of Khabarovsk territory Sergey Furgala was a conflict with the suspect, said in an interview with the Telegram-channel Mash the widow of the businessman Larissa dawn.

said the woman, her husband along with a factory “ZHBI-2” I bought a W/d deadlock, which used Furgal for their needs.

“And they (the ex-Deputy of the Khabarovsk regional Duma Nikolay Mistryukov and Sergei Furgal – Approx. “MK”) came to us when he learned that the impasse now belongs to us and said that we sold it to them,” he shared details of the widow dawns. She also noted that the owner refused to sell the impasse, after which his address was received threats, and he decided to go to court. Before the court of last resort to Zor killed. The businessman was sure to win the case.

the widow of the businessman noted that since the crime fifteen years. She stated that when the matter came last name Furgala and Mistryukov, witnesses asked to change testimony, changed the investigator and some time later the case was closed. From the perspective of the women, ordering the murder of a Governor.