the all-Russian movement “Veterans of Russia” has asked the Director of the First channel Konstantin Ernst dismissed the TV host Ksenia Sobchak. This is stated in the statement on the organization’s website.

according to a statement, the Chairman of the movement Ildar Rezyapov sent Ernst’s appeal “on the termination of Ksenia Sobchak as the leading Federal TV channel”. In a published letter says that “Sobchak and the like do not associate themselves with modern Russia”, not considering themselves part of the Russian society, and also allegedly put themselves above the law.

“They are accustomed to thinking of our country only as a “feeder” which provides them with a comfortable life outside of our country,” the letter reads (spelling and punctuation of the original retained. – ed.).

According to Rezyapova, “anti-Russian” position Sobchak has expressed that she is encouraged to ignore the vote on the proposed by President Vladimir Putin amendments to the Constitution, thereby “denying the will of the majority of Russian citizens and opposition to state and society.” In addition, she spoke publicly for the return of the Crimea and was supported by a former journalist of “Kommersant” Ivan Safronov, accused of treason.

“Citizen Sobchak Ksenia a failed Russian socio-political activist and journalist who in his public speeches, and videos of “brain damage” our youth and systemically engrafted legal nihilism in our country,” the letter reads.

Handling “Veterans of Russia” was also sent to the chief of staff of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation Paul Andreev.

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