For a few days the brainchild of the company SpaceX Elon musk has dismissed the news about the coronavirus. For the first time in the history of space exploration launch into space was made by a private company of the billionaire. Other protagonists of the world of a breakthrough were the astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken, they. took place in the cabin Crew Dragon. “MK” has evaluated the suits of American astronauts. Personal men’s stylist Irina Rosano “the bones” spread features space clothing Doug and Bob.

– Form of the astronauts looks quite elegant. Base white color is classic for suits, and the beginning of Irina. – Added graphic detail, unusually decorated shoulder line that gives the impression of masculinity, the total concentration, ready. Contrasting grey elements give the suit the dynamics. And it is clear that these inserts are made of special high-tech materials.”

What the form can say?

– Form American astronauts consists of separate top and bottom – an unusual decision, as a rule, applied one-piece suits. Looks original.

– A helmet?

– Lightweight oval, it repeats the shape of the head of the astronaut and, apparently, gives him a good overview. Overall, the fits to the body of the astronauts. So it seems that this is only a presentation format. And in space they would fly something else. I just at the level of the layman the idea that the suit must be sealed, in case of any problems, inside should be many sensors of the physical condition of the person. But breaks all the stereotypes.