June 1 – a special day for children around the world. First, it is the beginning of summer and the start of a long-awaited vacation, and secondly, the international children’s day. If not for the endless rain outside the window and closed because of the pandemic, theme parks, the holiday would have passed on all hundred. But while our reality is connected to the Internet, you should use it to the full. Moreover, the theatres and museums are ready to help.

Few people know that children’s Day is one of the oldest international holidays. The world celebrates him with 1950, when it insisted on democratic Federation of women. Then he became a reminder to adults that the child has the right not just to life, but also to their own opinion, religion, education, rest and leisure and to protection from physical and psychological violence.

In art, as children always hold a special, privileged place. They are the most incorruptible and honest public. Their attention is easily lost, and the location is hard to earn. Specifically, by 1 June, the Russian Academic Youth theatre will show its magical performance of “Almost real” tales of Dutch Toone of Tellegen. On an almost empty stage the young Director Ekaterina polovtseva talk to your children about love and friendship in accessible language without fancy tails and ears. This touching and good story the actors played more than one hundred times and has received the professional approval of colleagues (the Stanislavsky award and special prize of the festival “Golden Mask”). Now they will once again return to its young viewers on the official YouTube channel of the theater in 18 hours.

to the Day of childhood Provincial theatre under the direction of Sergei Bezrukov has launched a three-day reading marathon. From may 30 on the official pages of MGT comes educational program “Children’s time” – theater artists reading their favorite works. The couple Habarovyh along with daughter Alina portray a story by Sergei Kozlov, “We’ll come and breathe” and Galina Bokashevskaya will read the famous poem by Korney Chukovsky “Moidodyr.”

moreover, the June 1, the morning children will have a special edition “MGT-workshops” and “Stegomyia” from artists of the troupe, led by artistic Director Sergei Bezrukov. The program Korney Chukovsky, Daniil Kharms, Marina Tsvetaeva, Oleg Grigoriev, Elena Blaginina, Emma Moshkovskaya.

“This spring we all had a hard time but, perhaps, the hardest thing is to sit at home with the children. Will be happy if will help children and parents to spend time with advantage and discover something new. I enjoy reading video children’s work and placed in social networks,” – says Sergey Bezrukov.

And the most attentive and diligent to the small audience you can look at the virtual gallery of the Museum of V. A. Tropinin�� and Moscow artists of his time. Especially for children and their parents academic Secretary of the Museum Ksenia Rashkovsky video tour will tell the world about the childhood of two centuries ago. Famous artist Vladimir Bogachev in the format of online meetings to share experience on how to make your own art workshop in the comfort of home. Including for children with disabilities. Moreover, the artist whose exhibition took place in Austria, Slovakia, Greece, England and China, will remotely guide drawing lessons. Visitors to the Museum will not only learn a lot about children’s portraiture, but I try to learn the basics of it yourself.