Graduates of this year have a hard time. The pandemic coronavirus in March, the guys moved into distance learning, and then completely taken aback by the postponement of the exam. Only at the end of may it became known the final exam date. While waiting for students and their parents had to go through all the stages of making this situation: denial, anger, humility. Unfortunately, for many now came a sense of complete indifference and emptiness. But there is one more month of preparation for the test that will largely determine their future life.

How the graduates cope with difficulties, what they feel and what they fear in the eve of the exam, we found out they themselves.

Here is what the Catherine Lavrov from Moscow: “I want to be a biologist, and bet on the Olympic games, which give privileges at receipt in high school. To pass the exam in biology for a high score is very difficult, probably the most difficult exam of all. But, unfortunately, both contests in which I participated, I don’t have quite a bit to preserve. So now no way out, only hope for the exams. Mentally the hardest part for me was the lack of clear deadlines. And now I’m still scared that the exams will suffer again, even dreams about dreaming. Even the virus is not afraid, I just want it all to hurry over.”

Olga Zaitseva, St. Petersburg: “From the end of April I found myself on the fact that annoys me is literally all around. Out of the blue frustrated parents and younger brother. In my head all the time wondering why this is the most important for me the year began pandemic coronavirus. And now I feel absolute indifference to everything, doing everything like a robot. Left only apathy and emptiness. My life has turned into Groundhog day, when every day repeats the previous one: lessons with Tutors, the solution probes, eating and sleeping. I was planning on studying linguistics, but now, endlessly examining the job exam on the Russian language, they even don’t know if I need it. In General, I’m afraid that all of these have failed”.

Maxim Popov, Moscow: “to pull yourself up and continue preparing for exams is not easy. Like it or not, but home decor is relaxing. When you’re in school, it is much easier to be in good shape, teacher strain, on the remote control all the way. To my knowledge I do not seem to doubt it, besides, I managed to become the winner of the combo box of the mathematics Olympiad, and now remains only to confirm this result 75 points on the exam. After the exams, my parents decided that 2 weeks I rest, so that the head missed the knowledge, and then will continue to prepare in the strengthened mode. Actually scares the other, my childhood asthma�� to write the exam in the mask I just can’t, even for 15 minutes in the store she begins to choke. Seems to be a promise that for those like me, the mask will be optional. But who knows what it will require organizers on our item exams”.

Natalia Bocharova, Krasnodar Krai: “In fact, even after it became known the exact date of exams, fear won’t leave me. Every day I look at the reports of cases, of course, no one has any confidence that the exams again, not postponed. In June, I will no longer be able to engage with Tutors, as money from parents for this. But it seems that we have time to go through the entire program, the teacher believes that I can handle. Before the pandemic had big plans, wanted to go to University in Moscow or St. Petersburg. Now I don’t know how that would work. Parents support me, of course, they believe in my abilities. But I was tired and not sure I will be able to gather strength in July, the fuse was gone. We’ve got good weather, very soon the people will be to swim in the sea, and you sit on probes at both ends and you catch yourself thinking that he did not understand, know anything or not.”