the Remains of fallen soldiers, missing in Kaluga mass graves, about which he wrote “MK” was not found. Or is it found?

on the Eve of the Victory Day of the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war in Kaluga was opened the monument to soldiers-liberators. In the urban forest, near the closed government residence on the territory of which previously housed the disappeared military burial with 121 dead.

Seven, the official mass graves of the red army of the great Patriotic war is in Kaluga. They all have the account number in the register of military graves of the Russian Federation, six are open and available to visit at any time, on the obelisks — lists of buried soldiers.

And the seventh grave, which lies 121 soldiers disappeared… the names of the 109 fallen known, 12 — nameless, these data are on the regional site and the Central archive of defense in Podolsk. The grave is no.

how it looked before the burial and where it was located with exact GPS coordinates, as told in the Book of memory of the great Patriotic war in Kaluga region.

This winter on the territory wanted to go with veterans and historians – but they were not allowed, they say, the land is private, belongs to the high-ranking official.

“the Veterans were indignant. Any citizen of the Russian Federation shall be entitled to visit any military cemetery, — says Vyacheslav Gorbaty, Kaluga journalist and social activist, chief editor of the newspaper “For truth and justice.” — In this connection we required to substantiate, on the basis of the law to a mass grave has blocked the access?”

Nothing for it but to lay wreaths, people are not asked for. And barely even protested when they were sent away, taught by life experience — it is useless.

However, the reality turned out to be meaner and more bitter than might have been envisaged when the information about the missing soldier’s grave all the same thing of the people, the scandal broke.

the Citizens who wanted to venerate the bones of the fallen, after the hype still made to the enclosed area (after rewriting the passport data), but there they saw only a new granite plate with the inscription “Eternal glory to the Unknown soldier”, has nothing in common with the earlier burial, and the coordinates of the Navigator was showing very different numbers.

“I asked the head of security: “there are things to do grave?” — says Victor Komissarov, search engine, historian. — He replied that it was just a memorial, under it no one is buried. He just got here. Where, then, lies 121 fighter? Where are their ashes?”

judging by the Navigator, this grave should be approximately 120 metres up the hill — right under the tower of the government mobile communication.

Really, while there was the construction of houses and household outbuildings, the remains are dug up and Perezburied somewhere?

or maybe, even worse, not noticed, left in the ground, and literally now I go on the bones?

the Remains or fake?

Authorities gave a refutation of the refutation: first, they argued that the burial everything is in order and behind him the proper care, then it was said that mass graves in Bor, Kaluga has never been.

Burial hill in Soviet times, poured just so. The coordinates and description of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation confused. Main official search area Sergey Novikov gave an interview to local reporters that the grave — fake: “This stuffing information — that here was allegedly the burial of the 130 people”.

the Journalist “MK” arrived in Kaluga to find a soldier’s grave at the end of February. I did not go through official channels, not to listen to the beautiful, empty phrase: nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten. I wanted to understand what has happened to the remains of the fallen liberators, and their loss is not acknowledged openly, does not try to find, not now…

the place I was allowed, after calling from Kaluga two specialists to accompany.

the Ground was all dug up. “This weekend was not quiet — searchers looking for the remains” – with displeasure complained to the guards here.

“the Cable connection, the tractor broke in these excavations. I think someone’s sitting idle? A working group under the government created to find your grave.”

Right and left of a new, empty granite slabs were dug two pits in human growth.

a Little farther, about where was located the burial coordinates, is also dug and went, and heavy tracked vehicles. But it wouldn’t let me. “There is also nothing”, – categorically said our guide.

One of the dead

strange How life works. Infused times, the fate of the people. What was distant and alien, stretch invisible thread from the past – very close.

They died in the battles for the city and were buried in the winter of 1941-42. Never seen each other before the final battle, the boys and men, young and old, forever lay in this frozen Kaluga land.

Russians, Tatars, Uzbeks, Kazakhs, Siberians.

One of the 121 fallen, Baksheyev Neal, 1919 year of birth, Nerchinsk district of the Chita region, village of Grand Meadow.

Who would have thought that this 22-year-old boy, which probably no one remembers today, was directly connected with “MK”

Deputy chief editor – Olga baksheeva. Her mother is also baksheeva, Nina, was a native of the neighboring Siberian village – the hay Meadow, on the very edge of the TRANS-Baikal.

“Name, address, everything matches… Even can not be confused, there are only seven yards – and lived Baksheeva…”

In the reports on ��atmosfernykh losses stored in Podolsk archive of the Ministry of defense, Neil Baksheyev referred to as scout, designed Nerchinsk district. One of the many Siberians that were deployed near Moscow in December 1941.

memories of the Kaluga children of war are such lines: “Remember how liberated our city. Huge, tall soldiers-Siberians , dressed in white sheepskin coats, white boots came into our yard. We shouted to them “Hurrah!” and ran forward. They picked up us in his hands, so big and sturdy, and threw into the air at the frosty, blue, Kaluga sky, which again was free. Since then, the memories of the liberation of Kaluga, for me, is forever linked with these warriors-the Siberians, the red army liberated us from the Nazi slavery”.

on 10 January 1942 the coming year, according to the report, the scout Neal Baksheyev was killed in battle.

In a posthumous medallion provided and who to notify about his fate in case of death. This father – Baksheyev Elpidifor.

Neal, who died at 22 years old, would have been 101 today. Do you know about the fate of the red army in Siberia, at home? And suddenly countrymen Neil Elpidiforovich want to come to honor the memory of his ancestor? Yeah, not in this terrible, sick year, but then the next…

Will be a long drive from the Baikal region, will make it to Moscow, and from there to Kaluga – a grave then and there?

And if their example be followed by relatives of other missing characters?

to hear that the feat of their loved ones as their remains – fake?

Letter from Kaluga

received a letter from Kaluga, from local historians who helped in the search for the soldier’s grave:

“Good day, Catherine!

If you’re interested, here’s the latest news. After the article was published in “MK” and became aware of the finder of the relatives of the buried soldiers and the information that someone from them can arrive at the grave may 9, began the movement…”

on April 11 officially announced that the urban forest discovered the remains of seven red Army soldiers allegedly killed in December 1941-January 1942, during the battle for Kaluga.

As told local media the Director of the Kaluga regional public organization of search groups “Patriotic Association “Memory” Sergey Novikov, to this identified information about the soldier’s tomb is a fake, they were found in a German trench during the great Patriotic war, close to the sanatorium of a name of Pavlika Morozova, about 150 steps from the road.

Soon 700-800 meters from the trench were found more bones. This time in the funnel. Where are the other men, that is if the relationship was found dust to the missing grave? The answer to these questions is, alas, no…

Raised from the ground 28 soldiers were reburied at the city Pyatnitskoye cemetery, at the ceremony attended by the new Governor. On his page in FB Vladislav Shapsha, only pointed out that those found recently dead soldiers. Their names are unknown, so they appear in the singular, typically as “nameless soldier.”

the New monument in the urban forest, is not found today in mass graves, was installed on private money – some private Moscow Fund. Under the assumptions of the townspeople, the Fund in some way connected with the enclosed the seat of government.

the last Three weeks of the entrance to the future of the memorial was guarded by a mobile post of traffic police, police and Regardie: the decision about the mode of increased readiness and adherence to self-isolation.

a Huge plate, with embossed on it the names of 109 famous, is 500 metres from the protected green fence, from the exact coordinates of the disappeared mass grave, on the road with open access.

“I Think that will come here many of the citizens in order to pay tribute and respect to those soldiers and officers who fought on the outskirts of Kaluga and liberated our hometown, told journalists participated in the opening of the monument to ex-Governor of the Kaluga region, a member of the Federation Council Anatoly Artamonov.

Yes, now it really is where you come to venerate the heroism of soldiers who have the names and small homeland, and now you can really say – nobody is forgotten and nothing is forgotten.