In the official White house account on Instagram was posted an article in which the winners of Nazism called the United States and the United Kingdom. Rapper Timati was indignant that there was not a word about the Soviet Union. He left his comment and urged subscribers to support it.

Timothy wrote at himself on the page (spelling and punctuation of the author saved): “Translated into Russian literally: “May 8, 1945 America and Britain defeated the Nazis! The American spirit always wins. It always happens” and all pretended that didn’t see it, but we the past does not pass )) My suggestion is very simple: go to the page of the White house and leave your thoughts in the comments ))) happy holidays Everyone !!!”

Rained a flurry of angry comments. Here are some of them.

“Handsome, won the Second world war, the siege of Petersburg defended Stalingrad battle passed and the flag on the Reichstag was hoisted by your. You guys are the best.”

“How many mistakes in the words “America” and “UK”. Spell – USSR”.

“We honor all the heroes from all countries. Why are you ignoring us?”

“the United States and the allies opened the second front on 6 June 1944, the victory can there be? With regards to the UK, after the encirclement of the allied coalition (France, England, Belgium) in may 1940 near the town of Dunkirk, German forces allowed the British to hold Dunkerque rescue operation (or rather escape) the remainder of the British troops, at that time, Britain has not thought about his allies, but only about the salvation of their country. German troops subsequently used the episode for propaganda in occupied France that took place a month after fleeing the glorious troops of England.”

However, some subscribers poironizirovat over Timothy and reacted differently:

“How would the visa not cancelled then…”

“Every country probably celebrates his personal victory! Or all countries have to celebrate the victory of the Soviet Union? Hmm…”

“Wow, never before has the White house were not so badly attacked by the Russians”.

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