In the shelter of the Smolny opened the new room, the exhibition tells how functioned the most secure bunker in Leningrad. Visitors will be able to get there, when will the pandemic, and while the city administration released photos of a new exhibition of one of the most interesting museums in the city dedicated to the great Patriotic war.

the people Smolny bomb shelter called “the bunker Zhdanov” in honor of Andrey Zhdanov, first Secretary of the Leningrad regional and city CPSU(b), who led the city during the siege. But the construction of the bunker was started in 30-ies under the direction of Kirov. During the great Patriotic war in the bunker was equipped with study Zhdanov. He is represented in the renewed exposition.

Also restored the offices, where he worked as a food Commission hosted the Headquarters of the city’s defense, Telecom rooms and the NKVD. There was in the bunker and sanitary room.

By the way, represented in the exhibition and a hazmat suit in those years. Now in connection with the serious epidemic situation, these exhibits attention.

In the bunker presents more than 200 authentic artifacts.

Access to the shelter the Smolny Institute was opened on 27 January last year. Now it’s a Museum. Before the pandemic to visit him could attend. However, unlike a conventional Museum, in the shelter could be reached only on weekends, as part of guided tours and by appointment. Such stringency due to the fact that the bunker is located on the territory of the Smolny, which is an institution, which has a throughput mode.

Now pandemic in the shelter of the city is not carried out. But it is planned that when the situation normalizes, here again will be able to let tourists and history buffs, so that everyone could see, where he directs the city in the most difficult days.