the Russians found a way to fly to foreign resorts during a pandemic coronavirus. How Minsk has become “the main air hub” of Russia, says KP.RU.

the newspaper reminds that the formal border between Russia and Belarus is: no stamp on entryexit and not checks visa. This semi-legal loophole long used by the debtors, the police, military and other categories of citizens who leave Russia for one reason or another are banned – all of them fly abroad through the airport in Minsk.

As Alexander Lukashenko refused to impose bans due to the epidemic of the coronavirus, savvy Belarusians quickly established a delivery business of the Russians in the Minsk airport, which is still accepting foreign flights.

So, journalist KP.RU found in social networks a group in which users were offered services in transportation of Russians in Belarus. For the three months to the public was signed by more than 50 thousand people.

those Wishing to leave Russia is offered at night to cross the border in the district of Smolensk and Vitebsk regions. This can be done by private car, and provided by carrier transport. The service will cost at least five thousand rubles. There are “firms” that take you directly from the station in Moscow and taken by bus to Minsk, but also in the night.

the Organizers promise that problems with the border guards will not. All the way there are informants who report on possible raids. “We have everything under control!”, — said the carrier. One of the “chaperone” to be honest, I wouldn’t want to quarantine in Russia were over. “This is the way we feed ourselves”, he said.

the customs Officer told the newspaper that the guards have long known about all the “guerrilla” paths. The security forces regularly carry out raids to apprehend illegal immigrants, but people still “leaks”. “The boundaries here never was, in fact, she’s leaky,” said the officer.

According to him, for illegal border crossing Russians faces two days in jail and a fine of one thousand rubles, and Belarusians can be fined on five thousand roubles.

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