the day Before during a talk show dedicated to the assassination of Bari Alibasov, there was a mass brawl. PR Director Alibasov Vadim Garancin told the details of the scuffle.

According to Garankina, among the guests of the program was Bari Alibasov Jr. and Andrei Nazarov and Valery Yurin. The heir suspects that the Bari Karimovich tried to poison and rushes loud accusations.

“To show Nazarov stood up from his seat and rushed with fists on Bari Alibasov, – said Vadim Gorjanci. – Joined him and Yurin. As a result there was a mass brawl, which involved other Studio guests and security. Then Andrei Nazarov was taken to ambulance with the bleeding, according to witnesses, he sewed up the incision. Valery Yurin said that he broke his little finger”.

the family’s Lawyer Alibasova Oleg Sukhov noted that the coming trial and it cannot be excluded that Yurin will address with the statement in law enforcement bodies, but this does not mean that what happened was Bari Alibasov Jr. According to the lawyer, the fight involved many people, it is very difficult to establish who and for what reason injured.

“These cases were dealt with by the magistrate. The application is submitted to the world court, the victim confirms the damages, makes medical records and documents that would indicate who has caused the damage, – said Sukhov. – I do not exclude that Yurin may file such an application, the only need to prove that the fault is Bari. If Yurin was involved in the scuffle, she fell and broke a finger, Bari has nothing to do with it. I am sure that any criminal disaster will not be here”.

Also, the lawyer noted that in the case of Nazarov he doesn’t have to write a statement, because when you call “Ambulance” has already reported about a possible crime.