Charlie Cox, According to Ashton and Tom Hiddleston

the Rumors about the affair with 39-year-old Tom Hingston and his 35-year-old colleague in the performance “Treachery”, According to Ashton go from the beginning of last year. All this time, the actor continues to keep their relationship with a new lover in secret, and fans will learn about his detail solely from the lips of insiders.

so the other day, an anonymous source said in an interview with The Sun, Tom and his girlfriend recently moved in together. According to him, now the star couple lives together in Atlanta, where Hiddleston moved at the beginning of the year to do a new mini-series “Loki” produced by Marvel. However, due to the pandemic coronavirus That was forced to spend all of its quarantine, and now plans to stay in Atlanta until the end of the year. As it turned out, That was not boring in quarantine, because just in this period moved in with him his girlfriend.

Tom Hiddleston and Depend Ashton

They are perfect for each other and enjoy the quiet life away from the world of glamour and show business. As a rule, their life is very full. That’s why they decided to move in together in the absence of work to finally finish the time together,

— said the insider about the relationship of Tom and Statements.

Charlie Cox, According to Ashton and Tom Hiddleston

the First rumors about the novel of Hiddleston and Ashton appeared in February 2019. But then Tom did that the press didn’t find out about his new relationship, keep it a secret, the actor has decided after a bad experience of past relationships with Taylor swift, which was actively discussed in the media.

Tom is really very much in love with Dependence. In fact, they have been together for more than six months. But after a relationship with Taylor swift, he is paranoid about his privacy and went to great lengths to keep their romance with a secret, — an insider told The Sun last fall.

Recall that Tom Hiddleston was Dating Taylor swift in 2016, and prior to that was with his colleague Suzanne Fielding, but broke up with her back in 2011. About his personal life, According to Ashton of the novel with Tom press is not known.