In an interview with RBC Khamatova said that the current Director Victor Ryzhakov has not yet had time to “show off”, as the theatre was closed for quarantine.

“It is the choice of Sergey Garmash. We all have different aesthetic views on what should be the theater, what should be the statements” she said and added that once a person as an artist could not agree with another artist – so he chooses a different path.

Khamatova Also commented on the working style of the new leader, who, according to her, not chasing fashion in the empty sense of the word.

“He means “popular theatre”. And there is every chance to keep the main thing that was in the theater – the ripple of time and honest conversation with the audience”, she explained.

as for Sergei Garmash, Chulpan Khamatova that considers it a brilliant artist, which will decorate any company.

we will Remind that Sergey Garmash wrote an open letter, which protested the situation in the “contemporary” that emerged after the death of the artistic Director Galina Volchek, and announced his retirement. In “Sovremennik” he came in 1984.