As already reported, “RG”, “Favipiravir” was once developed in Japan for the treatment of infectious diseases caused by RNA viruses. Since the new coronavirus belongs to the same “family”, during the epidemic in February and March of medication it was decided to test in Chinese and Japanese hospitals. A patent for “Favipiravir” expired in 2019, and pharmaceutical companies in other countries got the opportunity to start production. In Russia its synthesis in the shortest possible time with the support of RDIF launched on “Himera”.

In late April, begun clinical trials of a Russian drug in several COVID centers, and two weeks later, the developers reported about the first results. “According to the findings, 60 percent of patients of the 40 people who took the drug had tested negative for the coronavirus after five days after the start of treatment is two times faster than in the standard therapy group, reported in the Fund. Data coincide with the results of the Chinese studies that also showed a reduction in the average duration of the disease from 11 days to 4-5”.

Now treat patients within clinical studies carried out in six clinics in Moscow, Smolensk and Nizhny Novgorod, including COVID-hospitals MSMU n. a. Sechenov, Moscow state University. University, Central hospital.

While the course of treatment new drug were about 40 patients, and the study will cover 330 patients with a confirmed diagnosis COVID-19 to 30 clinics in eight regions.

Upon successful completion of clinical trials the drug is registered, that is, admitted to the normal, not experimental, use in Russian hospitals. In RDIF and “Chimere” declare that the necessary raw materials and production facilities for its industrial scale production ready, and, if necessary, deliveries could begin in may.

“the First positive results of the study would assist in reducing the time required at the beginning of the drug from the Ministry of health of Russia that will allow you to start the treatment of patients “Favipiravir” in all regions of the country, – said the head of RDIF Kirill Dmitriev. – The use of the drug will reduce the term of stay of infected COVID-19 patients in hospital and reduce the need for opening of new hospitals. Already made 250 courses of the drug, another 1,500 courses in stage production.” Total capacity will produce up to 600,000 courses a year.

the project participants have noted that studies of new drugs will continue after its registration, to monitor its safety and efficacy in the long term.