“When viral aerosols deposited on the surface of various objects, after the man touching him, carrying a virus on his hands, and then, when they come in contact with mucous membranes of eyes or mouth, the infection occurs. It was to interrupt this path, you must use gloves,” said Akinfeev, whose words leads TASS.

the Doctor also explained that when the person removes them after a visit to the dirty areas of public places, the hands remain clean. He stressed that the gloved hands of the man does not touch his eyes and mouth, as his psychologically repels their presence.

the Expert also noted that the use of medical gloves and masks gives rise to many disputes and questions. Currently, in addition to airborne transmission of respiratory infections, particular attention is paid to the possibility of drip-pin path.

the infectious disease doctor assured that infection with coronavirus through the skin is impossible, because it is a barrier against infection.

may 12, in Moscow, the Moscow region and many other regions of Russia put a mask and glove mode to public transport, shops, and businesses. The public transport is only possible with masks and gloves.