Komasa known as the Director of the Polish feature film “Body of Christ” nominated for “Oscar” from Poland in 2020. This film can be viewed in Russia on online platforms. Among the previous projects Ian Komasi – movies “suicide Room”, “Warsaw uprising”, “City 44”, TV series “Ultraviolet” and other works.

the Script of the film “Hater” wrote Mateusz Patsevich. The main character – disgraced law student, who is desperately trying to attract the attention of a childhood friend and the respect of his progressive family. He agrees to work in loud, immoral but a PR firm to produce at all impressed, and soon discovers that he has succeeded in dirty political games that he is asked to organize in social networks. However, any act, even trolling the Internet, has its price. And the price paid for catersto close…

starring: Maciej Musialowski, Vanessa Alexander, Maciej Suir, Agata Kulesza (our audience knows her by the movie by Pawel Pawlikowski “the Cold war” and the TV series “Bar, “Eddie”), Danuta Stenka and Jacek Koman.

Netflix will release online release in July. The exception is Poland, because there comes a rule of the theatrical window. That is, in Poland, the first picture will appear in cinemas (distributor Kino Swiat). And in March 2021 it will be released in the Network.