In the plane crash A-320 at Karachi there were survivors. It is known that these people were sitting in the front row. Could it increase the chance of survival in the event of a plane crash – we discussed with Vladimir Salnikov, a pilot with 45 years of experience.

media reported that the hospital delivered to the President of the Bank of Punjab Zafar Masud. Also, according to some, the relative of one of the passengers managed to contact him after the crash. Whether we are talking about the same person, is not clear. The exact same a number of sources claim that managed to survive one or more children.

– With the complete destruction of the aircraft people remain alive often. What you can do to try to survive a plane crash?

a Definite answer to this question is no. It depends. Someone says that the passengers must wear seat. But I know that in car accidents some people who were not wearing seat were alive, and those who buckled up were killed.

Pilots are taught in flight schools, how to survive a plane crash?

– Teach, of course. But this is different. Now you know that military pilots in military aircraft flying with a parachute, a civilian passenger without a parachute? This is done intentionally — because the pilot is fighting for his life and this saves the rest. And in order to save the life of himself and others, should be very good training, training, training, quick thinking.

Put it another way — suppose you are traveling with a passenger. What would you do in an emergency?

– to Drop into the cockpit and give some recommendations I can’t, the door there is closed, although in fractions of a second would be able to assess the situation and give recommendations, I flew this type of aircraft 23 thousand hours. Would have tried to convince the flight attendant to let me in the cockpit. And as a passenger I do absolutely can not do.

– That is all this: to lean over to close the head — help?

– If this is the peak and the plane’s stuck into the ground — no options. But if the commander is trying to land the plane, and down there, for example, uneven ground, then — is another matter. As passengers, we are obliged to fulfill what is written in the safety instructions, which is in the pocket of every seat. And the flight attendants always tell us what to do.

But even if we have this correct posture adopted, we still depend entirely on the actions of the crew and specifically the captain. In the case of a hard landing such a posture will save. But if planting is prohibitively rough, and there was a destruction of the aircraft, the fire — there is the chances of survival depend on luck.

Do you have secrets that would it the luck might increase?

– You notice that the memo that you need to do in the extremely cases, all airlines exactly the same? This is because all the procedures to rescue a carefully considered. Pilots and flight attendants definitely work on aquatic and terrestrial equipment emergency evacuation of passengers.

you Know how that happens? I flop into the water and say: I am the passenger and did not know how, I don’t know. And girl, flight attendant, whose weight is 57 kilos, I have, in which 90 kg, to assist. Pilots are also taught several people in the pool are, so we have to pull them out. Grabbing the man by the hair, pulled out of the water to breathe, lay on his back and dragged. All of these techniques all of us not just taught – coached. To automaticity, as monkeys.

So, the next time I get on the plane, very carefully look at what you show the crew how to put on a lifejacket, in a whistle to blow as the light bulb ignited. This is a very topical issues. It is your life. Better yet – take after this manual and “take” her view from two sides. The entire flight and let you have it this will sit in the head, and not what you brought a sandwich or tea.

the Passenger seat has a value for survival? Where to sit – front and center or in the tail?

it is Hard to say. It all depends on what events will occur, and how the situation will develop.

– And yet – such factors as proximity to emergency exit has a value?

– Closer — better. Where is the nearest evacuation door you also let the entire flight will be in your head. And then if something happens 90% that you will survive.

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