Minister of culture Olga Lyubimova announced what the long-awaited world of art and in particular theatre when you can finally start working and most importantly – how. First, the audience will be in September and will take their seats in the hall, but… in a checkerboard pattern. How this will work in practice and will return to work employees over 65 years – we asked the heads of major Moscow theatres.

Kirill KROK, Director of the Theater. EV. Vakhtangov: This is not a Directive, and the recommendation of the CPS for cultural institutions, consistent with our Ministry. Don’t want to play shows in September and sit on and lose his audience and the theater. Wait until the pandemic and all vaccinated, for God’s sake. I wholeheartedly support this recommendation: it is a kind of road map for us. Because this is the first step to returning the theater to normal life. Yes, gradually, but with caring about people.

We have to exclude the possibility of close contact inside the theater. Besides, due to the checkerboard Seating – which is less than half of the audience – older people while volunteering to work will not. Of course, we’ll save their wages. Let’s hope that in September there will be some vaccinations, and we will be able to defend first and foremost is its age employees.

Yury Grymov, the art Director of theatre “Modern”: I’m glad some light at the end of the tunnel appeared. But with chess order a lot of questions. For example, what to do with a closet, a cupboard, with the actors and the first rows in the hall. We understand that even the trumpet of the tool the air blown out by 5-10 meters. That is, the observance of this important race raises difficulties.

the Second point is money. Tickets will not be more expensive than it is. Surely, they will become cheaper because people now have no income. And reducing the room in half, we were losing money. More precisely, not dopoluchaet. In my theater is the play “War and peace”, which employs 70 people, including choir. Sveshnikov. And if the hall is only half of the audience, we have to pay extra for it to this show to play. Otherwise, even zero can’t get out. And how to be? The Ministry compensates for this?

In the wardrobe of the theatre “Modern” are 2 women of a retirement age. I reduce them? They’re a real gift for the theatre! Need to invent some kind of working steps.

I will point out one important point. For anybody not a secret that the actor can go on stage sick – it costs the profession. And in such a situation what to do? I, as artistic Director, I know that at the morning rehearsal the actor a temperature of 38, and the evening performance. What? Cancel? It could be used to take the pills. And now? Carry the performance who��Ramat tickets, send the actor to the doctor.

Absolutely necessary to start rehearsals of up to 50 people. It is necessary for the psychological condition of the company. Plus to maintain sanitation in the halls, the dressing room, to begin to restore the repertoire, and in September (if the epidemiological situation will allow) to begin to work effectively. Believe me, playing to half-empty hall is extremely difficult. Moreover, not only the actors but also the audience. The distance will increase the fear.

Teresa Durova, artistic Director of the “City” on Serpukhivka: I don’t understand the madness of their colleagues and panic – they say the theatre is dead or dying. All Directors sit on the ground and their direct responsibility to make decisions and not panic. Each theater has its own problems and its own way. One – an older audience, others – family, one – thousand, others – 50 seats in the hall. One troupe of the theatre he worked all the time on online content, and the other actors of the theatre went on vacation.

I’m going to put people in a staggered manner. So what? In the great hall of the “City” – 1000 people and selling the ticket to the show 6+, I can calmly put a child through one place from my mom. No one is going to die. We have a small hall where we play shows for very young children. So, I will arrange to have the mother take the child to handle. Another option is the 2 in 2. It’s all real. None of the Directors received the Directive “only and not otherwise.”

But their age of employees – ushers, coat-of – we will save until you change the epidemiological situation. I see no reason to panic! Theatres every year leave for 1.5-2 month vacation, and nothing terrible happens. Catastrophe is when we start to lose people due to disease.

Tamara Mikhailova, Director of the Maly theatre: according to the Minister has not made a final decision, the specifics will appear in September. About chess is, of course, once the scandals in the hall. In theatres, as a rule, one does not go, and how we are going to seat a family of three or four people? Only get extra criticism. And the financial question has not been canceled. From the money we get from ticket sales, it staff salaries, and so get only half of the hall. The first thing we will refund the rehearsal, and then look at the situation.

Regarding the age of employees will tell you that their artists over 65 years, we bring in the car, and the staff we have hired for the season. That is, if the restrictions on the basis of age continues, we simply will not hire.

Sergey Bezrukov, the artistic Director of the “Provincial” theatre: I do not imagine the audience, seated in the hall staggered, equal toAK and social distancing in the wardrobe or in the cupboard. But on the other hand, for us in this situation, everything happens for the first time. No one in the world had that experience out of the global pandemic. And if we face a choice – either play for the viewer, observing the social distance in the auditorium and other rooms that either don’t play at all – the choice is obvious. We will learn to exist in the new environment. I think that first of all will be the wish of the listeners to observe social distance in the hall.

the Economy of the theatre, of course, bursting at the seams. And a decrease in the number of viewers in any case inevitable – not only due to the reduction of seats in the hall in connection with the new rules of Seating, but also due to the reduction of incomes of people, our viewers. It would be strange in this situation to consider raising ticket prices. It would not have had the contrary to reduce, so people still came to the theater, despite the economic problems.

I think that employees over 65 should continue to work, of course, safety precautions, and to help them with remedies. With regard to the interaction with people – how to protect the attendant from contact with the audience? It’s impossible. On the other hand, statistics shows that among the infected and affected in a severe way and a lot of young people younger than 45.