– Isolation in Moscow lasted for two months – a period in which any short haircuts lose their shape, bangs shameless start to climb in the eye, and the owners of the once stylish beards begin to vaguely resemble that of Karl Marx.

the beauty Salons are closed from the end of March, but the most desperate – and craftsmen, and customers – have worked in shady haircuts at home. We explored threat in terms of coronavirus underground market of hairdressing.

Enterprising craftsmen (and women who have grown out bangs) the law does not apply. Suggestions for the query “Hairdresser to leave the house” start from 250 rubles for a simple men’s haircut machine. End – 5 thousand rubles for women model hairstyles with staining or streamlined with the phrase “price negotiable”. Updated ads every day – the demand-that is!

– I wear a mask and gloves, gown washed after each client! – a very peremptory tone answers the question about the safety of the hairdresser Oksana. Tools wiped with alcohol. What security assurances do you need?

your voice be heard: conversations on compliance with the requirements of the girl already tired, which is understandable – if the mere fact of your work violates the current order of the mayor whether to meticulously discuss the masks and gloves? As they say, you have a product – we have a merchant; if you want to cut on the isolation, close your eyes to the obvious flaws.

– In the salon haircut costs 2 000, the house will take 1500, plus the correction of eyebrows will do! – cheerful reports another wizard. – Only within the district. I have no car, so I go now on foot.

what Marina called the “district”, in fact – a block of several neighboring streets, a kind of square on the map. Simply put – the wizard works only within walking distance.

– of Course, all as: face mask, gloves, all disposable raschesochka. We with a companion together work, you tell us what your hair and we’ll decide who will come. By the way, can at the same time, eyebrows or eyelashes to do without problems! – speaks of a young friendly girl. Of course, “eyebrows and eyelashes” is the lingo of the beauty industry, but after the words of co-worker all becomes clear: this is not a private master, and gone underground salon.

Recall that the beauty salons closed in accordance with the decree of the mayor of Moscow at the end of March. Since then, any attempt to change the image (or at least to shorten the bangs) with the help of a professional – at your own risk.

– I periodically call the client, saying that Vika, come home! I refuse. Perhaps some of them will be offended and will not return after the end of quarantine, I understand, but I can’t risk it. When cutting there’s no way to observe social distance, especially when I go to cut bangs and the strands from a person, explains Barber Victoria Polyakova. – In addition, with the mask on the face is not always possible to understand how it will look or that the haircut: for example, if you master some of the strands you need to trim directly in line with the chin. About the treatment of eyebrows and eyelashes generally silent: how can there be distance? And, of course, the master will not be able to observe the rule “Hands not to touch anything”.

However, bangs and short hair – not so bad, but men are risking much stronger. Announcements about the visits of masters of the Barber (in other words, barbers) are found almost if not more than the hairdressers. Of course, it is possible to remember Fidel Castro, who promised not to shave until the victory of the world revolution and the modern Muscovites like no promises are given, it is very well turns out: not to shave his beard until the victory over coronavirus, barbershop-we are closed!

Yes, master, as well as any hair stylist, you can invite to the house, but it is not necessary to be seven spans in a forehead to understand: it is impossible to trim a beard without removing the mask. In addition, the beard is located too close to the lips, and this means that any ingress of bacteria to the mucous is the risk of potential contamination.

Therefore, those who wish to invite the master to your home, you should ask yourself an important question: for example, in the health of the hairdresser you are sure (by the way, why?), but can we be confident in all of those he cut up to you? If one day the Barber went to a couple of apartments, so the chance of catching the virus he had any.

So to kill two birds with one stone – safety and to comply with, and to get a haircut during a pandemic – will not succeed. Be patient.

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