to Classify the statements of passengers travelling in the buses by themselves as passengers tried transporters. To understand whether such information to be secret, had the Supreme court.

In the Supreme court filed a complaint with the Muscovite Ivan Borisenko. In August 2018, the man was going to fly on holiday. To get to the airport, he decided on the city bus. But waited too long to stop, and when it finally got to the air port, missed the flight. The hapless passengers had to buy another ticket. In unplanned expenses and spoiled the mood he blamed the bus fleet, which is either not out in time transport for the route, or made a mistake in the schedule. Upon returning from the trip, the passenger wrote a statement to the service center with the requirement to provide information about committed that day trips. In response came the paper of rejection. Transporters claimed that information about the time of the entrance of the bus and exit – a trade secret. Citizens such data are not available and can only be accessed by law enforcement agencies and courts, and then only on request. The man decided to make his own and filed a lawsuit in the Tver court of Moscow. But neither there nor in the Moscow city court to win, the plaintiff failed. The judge found that secrecy is sacred. But the Supreme court was of a different opinion. The high court in its ruling explained that the regime of commercial confidentiality may apply to information, which allows to increase the income of the organization, away from unnecessary costs or save position on the market. How can you affect the financial stability of the Metropolitan transport information about how much the passenger has made travel to the validator on the bus, to higher Board of judges and has remained a mystery. Moreover, the sun stressed that the regime of commercial secrets may not be used for purposes contrary to the requirements of the protection of rights and legitimate interests of others. Finally, the right of everyone to get acquainted with documents and materials directly affecting his rights enshrined in the Constitution. As concluded by the Supreme court, this precludes the possibility of classification of information on travel to the trade secret. The case of Ivan Borisenko returned for reconsideration to the Tver court of capital.