Simple thing would be to get off with a reminiscence about the legacy of Dima Bilan, which left Yuri Aizenshpis. However, not Bilan alone, as they say, though about it today, of course, will be discussed. “Soviet and Russian music Manager and producer,” dry and brief wording is Yespica encyclopedia. July 15, he would have turned 75 years. When he died 15 years ago, it seemed that at 60 he was and looked a respectable man. And today it seems the 75 might be, age does not young men, but it is still an active man.

DIMA BILAN: “Sometimes we had serious dissonance”

the Scale and essence of the personality of ayzenshpisa much wider and more dramatic the distilled formula of musical Encylopedia. Weak heart and tired body became heavy Luggage, handed down from the nearly 17-year sentence in Soviet prisons, where Yura was in 1970, not the music, but for “currency manipulation”. That’s why you looked older than his years.

the Tragedy of his life that was “served in full” because after literally months after its release in 1987 was completely decriminalized: the country has entered a new era. He was cleared of all charges, but not returned the stolen years of freedom. She could only imagine what was endured in his soul, Yuri Shmilevich, watching every step the rise and freemen of the most notorious of “frauds” — banks, exchange offices, stock exchanges, free sale of currency, — for which he personally paid a quarter of his life. 17 years in prison, 17 years of freedom in the final segment… the Magic of numbers.

He died on 20 September 2005 and 21st in a huge tent on Vasilevsky descent Dima Bilan was holding the first awards ceremony of the MTV Awards as “Best artist” and “Best performer”. Yura, even in the hospital in a deplorable state, waiting for this momentous ceremony, I thought more about her than about your health. It was important for him to first in the history of Russian MTV ceremony Bilan, his last and most beloved of all wards was “rightly noted”…

“That’s your reward, Yuri Shmilevich!” — without constraining tears, barely able to squeeze out the words confused the starlet at the hushed room. And then they all stood up and shook the space with strong applause — applause Yuri Aizenshpis. Worthy, poignant, beautiful culmination of difficult, dramatic, and very busy life — speaking criteria a cynical drama. And, of course, drama, tragedy and pain.

spies, as briefly and kindly called him in the party, was of course not pink and fluffy. As in life, which beat him, it was rigidity, persistence, acumen and, as written in the known characteristics of shtirlitsa, “ruthless” but not to “enemies of the Reich” and to all�� that get in the way and confuse the plans. But it was impossible to deny Smiljevica and friendly location, gregarious charm, sincere human compassion. Everything depended on the circumstances. Life.

Alla Pugacheva once joked: “Yura wants, but doesn’t know how.” Making up for 17 years of imprisonment, Aizenshpis not only taught and instructed the wards, but he eagerly studied and absorbed everything new. Took my lumps. Not only to themselves but sometimes to others. Even if not all know “how”, then tried very hard. And he often worked very well. Otherwise, the hall stood 21 Sep 15 years ago, paying tribute to and seeing off the last road bright and eminent man and leader.

In his “summary” of Manager and producer Yuri Aizenshpis left a solid list of artists and bands that you worked with or collaborated at different stages of his life and career: “Movie”, “Technology”, Linda, Young Guns, Dynamite, Nikita, Katya LEL, Alexander, “Moral Code”, Vlad Stashevsky. And Dima Bilan, of course, is his Swan song.

In an interview, “ZD” Dima recalled:

— the first time we met in 1998 in a casino, where I went with my friends was encountered at the door when he went out with the singer Nikita. I thought, “wouldn’t it be great to work with!” It took 4 years, and my dream came true… I would call him the man of the age, character out of time, managed to unite several generations to carry using them their experience and each to find his hero. He was a very creative person, and I wanted to work with him, precisely because its actors have always done a truly modern and relevant, groundbreaking music.

While Bilan was not concealed and the difficulties in the relationship, because he and the producer were “willful people”:

— there were situations when I was part of ajzenshpisom in confrontation, and sometimes we had serious dissonance. For example, I very long and persistently defended his first album, was arguing about how it should be. Once we had a fight, I jumped out of his car right at the traffic light, slamming the door, shouting: “I’ll never work with you!” And left satisfied, full of himself, proud… Then, of course, the conflict was settled.

Not all conflicts in the life of Yuri Ajzenshpisa there were, however, exhausted or ended in compromises that would satisfy “the disputing parties”. The world of show business is saturated with ambition, personal ego, a hard struggle for a place under the sun, ruthlessness. Sentimentality often do not belong there. The formula is “just business, nothing personal”, perhaps, is the “system factor”, which largely keeps all this bulky design for a screen of its main product — lyrics, sentimental romance Yes konopacki all those songs, dances, hits them painted butSITENAME-songstress the songstress, star and zvezdanuty.

Remembering today Yuri ayzenshpisa, we decided to talk with artists who have a producer that is called “not logged in”. Not to vulgar pozloslovit, and to complete the picture of the world and the individual, because each piece of evidence, testimony, memory complement live paint dry wording of the encyclopedia on the life and work of the brilliant man — Manager and producer.

IGOR ZHURAVLEV: “the Freedom we valued more than money”

back in the late ‘ 80s had in my career a powerful restart. The return or “comeback” of the team, restored by Igor Zhuravlev, after a pause, was marked by joining the staff of new keyboardists Bones and Gavrilov Oleg Parastaev a hit “At the Dawn”, which blew up the charts and sounded, that is, from each iron.

in 1987, Returned to active life after release Yuri Aizenshpis looking for a place and the object of application of forces for its active nature. Back in the 60’s, falling in love with all the soul, rock-n-roll and Elvis Presley, he was the main supplier of a scarce musical instrument then for the first underground rock bands, including the iconic “Falcon”. In the new, much changed since then, show business Yuriy decided to penetrate, settling in a new reality.

Igor Zhuravlev says:

— we were with him only one conversation in 1989, but quite long. He told me about his life, about his destiny, about how provided the group “Sokoly” equipment, so they were the most equipped technically of the first groups that appeared in Moscow. For those times, buy Vox guitar as “the Beatles”, was something fantastic. He bought them. They lived on the Falcon, and therefore was called so. Rehearsed in the famous “General’s house” in the basement. Anyway, he’s told me a lot, including about the prison: that sitting like a king on the name day, smoked every day, “Marlboro”, which for the ordinary Soviet people was an unattainable dream that he was in for “tag”, although he even threatened with the death penalty. The article was a hit — “currency manipulation to undermine the Soviet economy”… But it paid off. Apparently, paid someone and did “the tag”… And he told me all this. I, of course, it’s a little bit scared — criminal Fleur plaque, which was present in this conversation.

— Under what circumstances was this remarkable conversation?

— Yura was at the concert in MDM, and this conversation took place after the concert. I walked into the dressing room, he caught me backstage, stopped and began to talk, talk without stopping. I’m thinking: damn, not a very good time he found it. Not just, of course, all of this, he told me aal — PR to impress. Opened their card, explaining who he is, what it stands for. He already went to the Mercedes, looked very solid at the time. Sought how to apply their strength, skills, experience after release.

— He explained, why you? Because of the hit “At the Dawn”?

— most Likely. Don’t know what it could capture. Perhaps the novelty in the arrangements and in the music. He understood that now it is as if on the edge. But we were already parastaeva, the author of this song (about the history of the Alliance and working with Oleg Parastaev Igor Zhuravlev told “MK” in an extensive interview on June 25, after the death of Oleg. “W.”), broke up with him. We then went in a completely alternative field experiments with ethnic experiences in such an elite environment. I understand that it’ll be quite interesting. He needs a group of different scale and different direction — more popular.

In General, we matched. I kind of got in his position and realized that he is with us go wrong, not to those intended. Wishing him more successful choice, I did not answer immediately, as if he took a pause for reflection, and got it to our Manager Igor Kozhemyako. Igor then several times mentioned that Aizenshpis wondered wondered about our decision, and then I said that after all not, we are in different path will go. I actually feared any contracts, agreements, and contracts. “Alliance” has always sought the most free floating, although there were many offers. Freedom we still valued more than money.

When did you find out that Yura is you “took” Kino, did you have any annoyance?

— on the Contrary. Even some relief: finally found and will cease to Woo. He Kozhemyako long booster, and Igor even complained that to get starts. So relieved I fell. But, on the other hand, was already a concern for “Cinema”, Vitya Tsoi.

Fears what plan?

— That “Movie” now will be in circulation, and how it will end for them — is unknown. Such were the feelings.

What do you mean “go into circulation”?

— In the promotion according to the laws of show business — not “hit the wall”, and go when you have millions of fans and supporters.

They already were…

— Not on this scale, after all. Remember, they immediately went hits like “In our eyes”. The “movie” began to gain popularity. Suffice it to recall the concert in Luzhniki stadium.

— Yes, it was a festival “ZD” on a holiday “MK” on June 24, 1990, the last concert Tsoi before death. There you were in the first part… But what still concerns about “circulation”?

Sharply to fly and not get sick star disease. For this to be incredible strength, endurance and serious graft. This happens very��to. In this sense, Victor was saved by a boiler room (place official of Choi in Leningrad during the “rock underground,” which has now become a memorial place. “W.”). When the person learnt all aspects of life, it is easier, he grafted. But what would be next, not been for the tragedy with Victor, God only knows…

Believe that without ayzenshpisa the popularity of “Movie” would not have such a scale?

I Think the popularity would continue to grow, gradually, but such a vertical takeoff would not work. They were, of course, quite popular, like other groups of the Leningrad rock club, which earlier was contributed to the film “AssA”. Yura gave still vertical take-off, quick. Can you say, instant. I know from conversations that Yura Aizenshpis put the Vita in an example of “Tender may” — they say, anyway, you to them does not hold. It prompted the Victor to write the song with the words “I don’t like being lied to” (“Anthill”) is simply a linear response to the “Tender may”, quite in the style of “post-disco”.

Remember, at this concert at the Luzhniki stadium stood the great then the producers: Smolny, forgetful. Between them was the conversation: if we are here now, even Leontiev, hypnotherapy, Presnyakov, all the cream had been brought, it would not have gathered as many people as came to the end. It was enchanting. You remember! The Olympic flame, all the stands Packed, the whole field is full. Unthinkable. No football so much is not collected. In the first part there was “Alice”, “DDT”, “Domino”. We had already had a ready project “Made in white”.

— With ajzenshpisom crossed on the concert, not talking?

No. Later, in the 90-ies, we met on some gigs. The last time I saw him was in the WTC, on the festival “Generation-94”. He was already not very healthy, and look on me was not very good, so to speak. I think he was not good to us — we did not succumb, and this, apparently, was not in his direction.

— I had to have vitality, not to “give in” then, isn’t it?

— of Course. The fact that the “Alliance” was not originally the aim was to become a national group. In fact, because of this we with Oleg Parastaev at the time, dispersed. He tried to put it all on a commercial footing, and I resisted, saying that we have other plans which are not clear, but they are ours. It is very difficult to explain to anyone. There is a task of educating the taste of the audience, that’s all.

Therefore, we did not collect any stadiums, has always been attached to someone. Recitals did not have much, always with someone. There were a few concerts with “Cinema” in Moscow. We put in the first compartment, of course. From the audience there was a 15 percent high, and they were immediately visible, et�� 10-15 percent, who came to “Alliance”, and the remaining 85-90 — on “Movie.” And it was very difficult to play when hall chanting: “Ki-but”, “Ki-but” after the first song, after the second… But was very pleased when after the third song, didn’t shout and listened, and after the fifth song we realized that here, “he thrust akustisko in bulk”, as stated in a playful art-folklore.

ROMAN RYABTSEV: “I Took the stinking pants”

they Say that time heals, but ex-“technologist” Roman Ryabtsev remains very critical of the experience of “Technology” with Yuri ajzenshpisom, believes it is not the best solution. In contrast to the “Alliance,” which “succumbed” to the offers of Yuri Ajzenshpisa, yielding the palm to the group “Kino”, super popular in the 90s, “the Russian dispatch”, the group “Technology”, invited themselves to the producer for approval.

After the “Movie” — group “Technology”. Still, Yuri Aizenshpis skillfully kept his finger on the pulse, doesn’t it?

— just specify that the “Movie” after all, wasn’t his project, he was Director of the concert soon. Think the misconception that when Yura took a “vertical takeoff” popular “Cinema.” Perhaps the hype in the press — indeed his merit, but the “Movie” was already popular throughout the country. When I was in the second year of the Institute in 1987-1988, “the Movie” sounded from all holes. Of the groups of the Leningrad rock club, they stood out sharply just after the album “blood”, which already in 1988, rearranged the figures of the music tents (where trading suspension cassettes. “W.”) across the country.

In fact, everything was different: when Aizenshpis got out of prison and was unemployed, then went to the cultural center “Panorama” in Gagarin district Komsomol Committee to get a job. A group of “Cinema”, despite the fact that they were in the Leningrad rock club, had to be legalized in a formal state structure, because they wanted to work not only at club shows on Rubinstein street in St. Petersburg. Such were the orders in the country. Then perestroika began, and the Komsomol began to earn money by organizing concerts. Here is a “Movie” and he attributed to this “Panorama” of the Gagarin district Committee of Komsomol. This is my neighborhood, I’ve been there too, in this Panorama. And ayzenshpisa in the form of an order, in fact, appointed by the administrator of the concert, said, “Going to do “Movie.”

Cognitive Remarque, but to administer in different ways. Yura seems to be pretty good. And in “Technology” it is also someone appointed?

— no One was appointed, there has been another. Crashed after Tsoy, Leonid velichkovski for our congregation said, “you Know what that means? First, sorry for Choi. Secondly, ayzenshpisa now there is no group.” Was still under the impression feeric��tion performances of “Movie” in Luzhniki at the festival “MK” (June 1990, “W.”), where Yura just walked a peacock as the main character of the day, more heroic than Choi. And all considered, of course, it is very steep and almost the most important — that he made his reputation. Although such a group as “Movie”, any could get loose without much effort and attempts thought.

— On a point of career was then “Technology”?

— we already had recorded six songs, almost every song is a hit, four shot clip. But Velichkovsky theme of ayzenshpisa very made like I was his hill, while on the other bumped. And Leon began to Spud very tightly. Home to Yure went on to explain what we drop dead. Invited him to our concert. Aizenshpis very impressed by how the crowd of Lubero under us shouted, and then ran for us, and we are of them piled.


— Yes, they were our first fans. Our first stuff was in their little hymns: “Strange dances”, “Button”, “half an hour”. Aizenshpis saw the public’s reaction and realized that then you can earn extra money. We became almost three times a week to go to his house, to sit, to discuss, to negotiate.

What was discussed: music, concepts, trends?

— What kind of music?! Conditions: who, what, how, who. He said that we will take over. Began to work on a contract, a very creepy and predatory. I as the author of hits, for example, it was suggested 7.2 percent from the concert. Long butting. Eventually agreed on 60 for him, 40 — us, for the whole group, but he promised that the money will invest in our promotion. Initially did something a little bit invested, and then began to invest solely in myself.

— That is, there was dissatisfaction?

— Well, he just did nothing on promotion. He convinced us remove the clips, place them everywhere — the usual managerial work. After long begging was photographed barely old clip of a “Strange dance”, photographed poorly, during developing half of the film ruined the clip assembled from the remnants of some perebivay plans. Everything turned out horrible and totally not worth the money. On TV it really did not cool. And the demand on us was great, he has just started to sell wholesale for a very low amount of 5 thousand rubles for a concert. I do not remember, what then was the course, but 5 thousand rubles worth of Japanese VCRs.

— Perhaps, as an experienced seller, he could see how much you can really sell?

— He was more visible as one of us to squeeze the maximum, nothing in it is not investing. We worked with him in the end, one and a half years: 1991 and part of 1992. We’ve sold over the penny, and not stadiums, as legend has it, and scored us in all the standard DC and the Philharmonic halls of 600��800 seats. The stadiums were extremely rare, and mostly with someone else on assorted get-togethers. But it got to 4-5 concerts a day, starting with a children’s matinee. But money was not. And then inflation was wild. We are very annoyed that he’s selling us so cheap, because that could really cost more: it was not necessary just to give four concerts a day, and one, but for normal money. Elementary logic. And he — the logic is momentary, quick squeeze, and then though the grass not to grow. The strategy was no.

Do not find any positive aspect in your partnership?

— For us it was a time of missed opportunities. He didn’t even give us anything to do the second album, to sit in the Studio to work. Everything was actually done in hotel rooms, in headphones on the road. We made a scene after some of the next tour, when it all came down with a temperature of 40. Said that we need to heal and to finally, the second album because it was ridiculous in 1992 to ride with one album, the first six songs which were recorded back in the 90’s. the Album we wrote at their own expense.

Remember your solo concert in Moscow, it was brilliant, I would even say, with a gloss. Everyone was happy, you and Yuri looked happy and close-knit team, “W.” came out I review…

— Yes, after we made a scene — why can’t we have solo concerts in Moscow? — he gave us a solo album in the Luzhniki stadium with the shooting of the First channel, or as it was known then? Everything was going fine, but then he says that we are free, our fee with three shows coming to TV in the payment for the shooting. Okay, I think: take a still of the First channel. Two months later he said the call was from the TV people, not enough money, need to pay extra, so the next concert for free. Then another charge, and more. Then a tour in Krasnodar, where we have 8 concerts, and he announces that they are all free because the broadcasters still have to pay. Here we finally realized that we look like fools, and rigidly and cynically. And given unbeknown to him, the ninth concert to at least earn something in this Krasnodar.

— Film-what is left? The most valuable rarity, as the Tsoi concert at the Luzhniki stadium…

— There are some fragmentary pieces in YouTube, completely have never seen. Honestly, not much is interesting to look for. I do not see any reason for myself as a musician… When we asked about the promised promotion, he asked where the 60% that we give, he threw a fit and said we were ungrateful pigs we can ride until iscathamiya, and then he’s gonna leave. In fact, after this conversation, to drop we decided. So it began: ZAPU��ivanie bandits, grasping at heart — say, you got me in a coffin will tyre out. Accordingly, there were bandits, was “arrow”.

On the deserted wastelands, like in the movies?

— No, at his flat on the Falcon, which he bought with the money from the “Movie”.

— What is threatened — all to cut?

— They didn’t threaten, and Aizenshpis promised to bury us. But when we calmly laid out their claims, the bandits have heard, turned to him and said, “Yur, you’re wrong, you guys should.” And he was stunned. Epic was the stage. He screamed, clutched at his heart — why, they say they are so-and-SOS… the Bandits say in the end: “in Short, lads, give him what he bought you, and you, Yura, owe them so much money”. Ajzenshpis did not scruple to take away from Vladimir Nechitailo leather pants he had brought him from Paris, all sweaty and stinking for half a year. Then these pants have been seen on someone from the band Young Guns, by the way, he was trying to do, but in the end nothing happened — the question of who, how and who did…

what Yura was really good and useful is in friendly relations with journalists. And everyone has the impression that he really is a genius producer. While “Technology” was actually only two producers — I Velichkovsky.

— And what about the money that you wrote to the bandits?

the man said that he had no money, and there are plenty of promotional products: posters, postcards, all the merch. In short, take away. And there was the whole “KAMAZ” for the advertising of the products that we in the rain were unloaded at its base and swearing. After that, we have each other no complaints there, especially because his thugs have on our side.

— You then are faced, remember, at the festivals “REAR”, and without carnage, however…

— Everything was correct, if we’ve crossed paths. Even talked on some issues. He was trying to do a Kazakh boy named Rahat, called me, asked me to write a song for him and staszewska, which he also started to do. He’s not really Stashevsky, and Tverdokhlebov, the son of his keepers, and appeared, when we left him. His famous phrase: “Yes, I will make any voiceless star,” and took the first who came to hand.

But there was a beautiful legend about the meeting on the road in the rain, and the star has made it…

— There’s a good aphorism which seem to have come up with Alibasov: “I’ll Meet you at the cash register.” One thing the star, who turns on the TV with paid clips, and the other is a star without any clips collects halls for such amounts, which are paid the star never dreamed of. Image staszewska largely created thanks to Misha Hleborodov and other music video, which was then removed he clips and all came up with. And groupies? Well, in puberty who just do not sink. Girls the main thing — to put right romance.

Music, the work you did discuss at your meetings?

— No, absolutely not. He once came to the Studio when we wrote the song. Listened and said, “Oh, I think here is good went to the saxophone”. What I was stunned and said, “Yura, you would be sitting with their advice”. He sat down: “okay, okay,” said, ” I do not understand.” Then when each song staszewska heard the saxophone, I realized that his dream he has realized.

George was a music fan in the ‘ 60s: little Richard, bill Haley, Elvis Presley…

— Yes, there is no sax in any way. But can you imagine the saxophone in “Technology”? It simple.

Bilan And you also tend to regard with skepticism?

— the Merit of ayzenshpisa that he found and opened Bilan, of course. But Bilan is so good natural and professional information that whatever they did, it would have happened. Dima, in my opinion, he was very lucky, as with us at the time, lucky. There just needed a little push. When the artist is good, it is only necessary not to interfere. He Bilan took into account all the mistakes of working with us and with others. Unlike us, he Bilan immediately began to remove the clips and that the clips work, he realized Staszewska. Here the stars aligned.