In London, the continuation of the trial of the controversial case of the famous American actor johnny Depp and his ex-wife, actress amber heard. Tuesday, July 14, the court heard the testimony of the employee of security service of a movie star, as well as administering his estate in the Bahamas.

One of the security staff johnny Depp, Malcolm Connolly, who worked for the Hollywood star and his family for over 15 years, testified on the sixth day a high-profile case initiated by the actor against the British newspaper The Sun and its Executive editor Dan Wootton.

During testimony in the High court of London Connolly said that never seen that 57-year-old actor beat up his ex-wife, reports Sky News. Moreover, he stated that he will not allow any man – be it his boss or even the “Pope” raised his hand to a woman.

pictured before the court by lawyers Depp, the actor depicted in the hospital. After another argument with heard in Australia in 2015 she allegedly threw a vodka bottle that broke and the shrapnel from it cut johnny the tip of the middle finger.

Mr Connolly said he arrived at 01:30 in the morning in a rented house in Australia, where the pair stopped for the period of shooting “Pirates of the Caribbean”. This happened after he received an urgent call from her former head of security service of Depp, who told him: “Malcolm, get in the car, get the boss of the situation.”

“I heard a noise inside the house, says Connolly. I opened the door, which was unlocked, and saw johnny in the lobby. Depp and heard screaming at each other”.

a Former employee of the security service of the actor said that when he brought johnny out of the house, he showed him the damaged finger and said, “She cut off my damn finger. She smashed my hand with a bottle of vodka.”

Connolly said that the finger was indeed in a terrible state. Depp also told him that Hurd put a cigarette out on his face. Malcolm confirmed that he saw the trace of the burn, noting that while not noticed bruising on the body or face of the actress.

According to Connolly, before leaving with his boss, the car was approached amber and told johnny: “are You going to leave it like that, fucking coward?”

it is Noteworthy that Malcolm Connolly denied the fact that he was “forced to lie and stand on the side of johnny” during testimony. He said that no longer depends on the actor in the financial plan.

the Court also heard Tara Roberts, which since December 2008 has worked at Depp management of real estate on his own island in the Bahamas. She described the star as “unusually good man”.

the Incident in the Bahamas in August 2014 ��ode is also one of the 14 charges against Depp. He went there that “to cure his dependence on painkillers”. And even heard claims that he also hit her in the face, kicked and grabbed by the hair, actor, in turn, declares that too felt bad to attack anyone.

In court, Roberts said that never seen to actor showed violence towards the former spouse. She claimed that during a visit to the island in December 2015 heard myself shouting insults at the Depp, calling him “useless” and “fat”.

Roberts added that he saw “a red swollen wound” on the nose of the actor. As it turned out, amber threw in the face of johnny jar of lacquer thinner.

According to Tara Roberts, a similar situation happened quite often.

a real estate Managing Depp also claimed to have seen, as heard “violently pounced on johnny, pulled his hair and made the other aggressive and violent acts” against the ex-spouse. In response to such antics amber actor asked her to “go away” or “just leave him alone.”

Roberts also strongly denied speculation that its financial position depends on the movie stars, noting: “No… I Have other sources of income”.

Recall that johnny Depp has filed a lawsuit against media group News Group Newspapers over published in 2018 article that accused him of domestic violence against amber heard. However, the ex-wife claims that the actor was repeatedly raised her hand. While 57-year-old actor pleaded not guilty and withdraws all good imagination ex-wife.

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