the Celebration of graduates in St. Petersburg ended with fireworks and the passage of the brig “Russia” at the scarlet sails. First ship – a symbol of a dream come true – entered the Neva with the Gulf of Finland and the Western high-speed diameter, which for several hours was a Grand scene of triumph. Especially for the organization of the holiday traffic on the WHSD was blocked on Saturday evening, June 27, until the morning of Sunday, June 28.

the broadcast Format allowed the organizers of the ceremony to put on Board the brig, who played tonight, the role of the ship “the Secret”, captain gray and to show him meeting with Assol. She took the song from the animated film “On traces of the Bremen musicians” “the Night passes, the morning comes clear…” the Motto of the festival of graduates-20202 was “the Tale begins”.

the authors of the concept of the festival also included a script a few scenes involving Alexander green – this year marks 140 years since the birth of the writer.

Note that in this year the brig “Russia” plays a major role at the festival “Scarlet sails” for the second year in a row. Before that several years in a row to participate invited the Swedish ship “Tre kronor” (“Three crowns”).