British rock band The Rolling Stones asked the President of the United States Donald trump not to use her musical work in his campaign. It is reported by the British newspaper Evening Express.

Organization for the protection of copyright BMI, representing the interests of the collective, issued a statement, according to which unauthorized use of trump songs of the band would be a violation of the license agreement. In this case, the head of state will face trial. During his presidential campaign in 2016, trump is not just used during the meetings of the famous song The Rolling Stones like You Can’t Always Get What You Want, Sympathy for the Devil, Brown Sugar and Start Me Up.

Against the use of their music the candidate of the Republican party of the USA played and other artists. For example, lead singer of Aerosmith Steven Tyler, a British musician Elton John and singer Adele asked trump to not use their music.

Earlier, the group The Rolling Stones has released a new song called Living in a Ghost Town for the first time in eight years. Musicians dedicated single pandemic coronavirus. The song was written last year, but it finished only now. The final version of the artists have modified in conditions of isolation.