French and American oceanographers found out that one of the loudest creatures on Earth are lobsters. It turned out that their sound can be heard in the distance from several meters to several kilometers, writes Scientific Reports.

Scientists found it by accident, checking in shallow water in Brittany underwater microphones to study the acoustic signals exchanged between marine invertebrates.

Plunging the instrument into the water, they let out next to her in advance caught in the Atlantic ocean lobsters. After some time, began recording audio.

When the records were checked, it turned out that lobster Ter on their antennae chitinous outgrowth between the eyes and made the sound comparable in volume with the roar of the engine turbojet aircraft or shot heavy revolver, and to hear them at a distance of from 10 to 400 meters. At the bottom of the ocean, sound propagation and can reach two or three kilometers.

why lobsters make such loud sounds is still unknown, but oceanographers believe that in this way they scare away predators or serves a warning to other crustaceans.