“We all love music, we sell good books about music, and some of us even publish them. And we think that music and books can best bring people together and help together to overcome any circumstances” – talk about your eight-hour music marathon organizers.

At the festival of “Rare species” will feature 25 artists. Confirmed Boris Grebenshchikov, Evgeny Fedorov (Tequilajazzz), Nike Borzov, Psoy Korolenko, Renata Litvinova, Alexey Paperny, Arseny Baptist Faith, the group “Hadn of dadn”, “Shame”, “Uvula”, “Thank you”, “Loud and threatening antics, Sirotkin, and many others.

All proceeds will go to support the private book and recovery after the severe consequences of the pandemic. After all, none of us can’t imagine our city without a single bookstore. Meanwhile, the pandemic is in the early stages of the book in the country are closed for more than two months.

On the question of why the support of the particular need it is the private book, the organizers answer is simple: “Independent bookstores grow in place of the bend of the intellectual map of the city and act as the Assembly point for local communities. You can find here the presentation of the most wild and strange books and Zinov are microsummary and reading groups that happen in the most unexpected meeting of some people from others.”

Independent book – like a password or a magic frequency where you can hear the beating heart of the city.

a Large joint book music marathon they are conceived not only in order to recall its existence, but to our strange and difficult times have always been bright and a great event.